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Our new partnership with StatSocial means that insights professionals can tap into the power of both our platforms to target niche market research audiences, quickly and at scale. By combining our 155 million highly profiled respondents with StatSocial’s mapping of 1.3 billion social accounts to 300 million verified individuals, we can, together, offer respondent targeting with a vast number of data points, all in Cint’s consent-driven and compliant ecosystem.

Read the press release issued on Oct 19, 2021, below:

Cint, the global software leader in digital insights gathering, and StatSocial have teamed up to provide a connected data solution for targeting niche market research audiences, quickly and at scale. Together, the new solution brings Cint’s 155 million highly profiled respondents together with StatSocial’s mapping of 1.3 billion social accounts to 300 million verified individuals.

The robust partnership combines the power of the two respective platforms, enriching respondent profiling with a vast number of data points, all in a consent-driven and compliant ecosystem. By connecting the data from Cint and StatSocial, researchers and marketers can achieve a granular level of profiling to create custom audiences that are highly targeted, including hard-to-reach B2B groups, for their survey initiatives.

Heather Hughes, Vice President of Connected Data at Cint, said: “This partnership truly represents the next generation of market research programs. The sheer reach of each of our platforms, coupled with a massive amount of profiling points, allows our clients to achieve the level of survey targeting needed in today’s environment – reaching exactly the right respondents, quickly and easily. Cint and StatSocial have an extremely high match rate among individuals, due in part to a shared focus on reach and scalability.”

David Barker, CEO of StatSocial, said: “Together, StatSocial and Cint are revolutionizing market research programs by combining our audience scale and robust taxonomies. This enables our clients to take a more strategic approach to survey profiling and recruitment and expand on the insights they gain from panel respondents with rich social affinity data. When survey responses are in, panel data can be seamlessly appended with over 85,000 unique attributes to provide critical, but often missing, social audience insights.”

The partnership combines Cint’s global audience of survey respondents in 130 countries, profiled by up to 300 data points, with StatSocial’s global audience, profiled by thousands of social audience attributes. Users of the combined solution are able to:

  • Achieve precise targeting of survey respondents and panelists by tapping into both sets of seamlessly connected audience data for deeper profiling.
  • Reach and target respondents who have been exposed to content in order to gauge brand awareness and impact.
  • Select respondent audiences by traditional demographics enriched with social data indicating job titles, employers, brand affinities, passions, digital personas and more.
  • Append survey and panel data with 85,000+ customer attributes including passions, interests, preferred media, and more.
  • Launch surveys on-the-fly to niche sample audiences, in a compliant manner, by enriching respondent profiles with walled-garden social affinity data.
  • Build targeted surveys to gain exposure, acquire new customers, generate new business, even in niche vertical markets.


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