Cint’s Lucid Impact Measurement introduces new Social Measurement capabilities to radically expand Cross-Platform Brand Lift Measurement

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Cint, the Research Technology pioneer, today announced the seamless integration of social platform measurement into its attitudinal measurement product, Lucid Impact Measurement by Cint, addressing long-standing challenges in brand lift measurement across multiple media platforms.

Lucid Impact Measurement by Cint is poised to change the game in an era where a patchwork of brand lift studies from multiple social platforms with differing, non-comparable methodologies is needed to gauge campaign effectiveness.

Historically, understanding upper-funnel advertising impact across platforms has been a time- consuming and often frustrating task. Customers have been forced to juggle and make sense of disparate methods, leading to inconsistent and unreliable results. Cross-platform reporting, including social media, has been characterized by its fragmentation, complexity, and limited scalability.

Lucid Impact Measurement by Cint addresses these issues head-on with a multi-step approach, leveraging Cint’s global research technology platform and a robust opportunity-to-see survey methodology. This approach enables advertisers to measure the impact of their campaigns across social media platforms, as well as digital, including CTV, and linear TV. The result is a seamless, daily cross-screen reporting system that delivers scalable and timely brand lift insights.

“In the dynamic world of advertising, understanding the true impact of your campaigns is paramount,” says Lindsay Fordham, VP of Product at Cint. “With our integration of social into Lucid Impact Measurement, we are unifying the fragmented, providing a combined view of brand lift across digital, TV, and now, social platforms. We’re empowering advertisers with cost- effective, data-driven insights to optimize their strategies inflight.”

Cint’s commitment to innovation continues to lead the media measurement space. With the integration of social measurement into their product, customers can look forward to more streamlined, efficient, and insightful brand lift reporting.