Data Solutions

Evolving privacy standards and restrictions on third-party cookies are changing the way you collect customer and consumer data. Today, your customer data is more important than ever before. You need a comprehensive first-party data strategy to make meaningful business decisions.

Data Solutions
Bolster your first-party data strategy with Cint Data Solutions

Strengthen your research or marketing efforts

To make data-driven business decisions, large and accurate datasets are crucial. We provide a suite of data options that help you strengthen your data-driven consumer insights through Data Licensing or Data Collaboration.  

Data Licensing

License scalable, consented, and continuously verified respondent data from Cint. Expand, build, or validate your audience for surveys and marketing campaigns with Cint Verified Audiences. 

Data Collaboration

Enrich your Cint survey data with a diverse set of behavioral data partners to gain deeper insights, build or analyze audiences, and inform data-driven tactics. 

  • 335M+ engaged respondents
  • 130+ countries
  • 4600+ survey panels