Operations teams

Our scalable, technology-driven solution helps you nimbly balance all the moving pieces in order to maximise outcomes. Fast, effective and accurate, Cint will help you boost productivity, streamline your daily workflow and track positive ROI.

Having trouble optimising your operations for best results?

What if you could save time, money and headaches with one powerful platform? Cint’s solution is easily integrated into existing workflows and technology stacks, providing native API integrations with more than 200 online sample providers. We give you a single location, with an easy-to-use interface, so you can manage your entire sample supply chain and make the best use of your limited resources.

With pressure increasing across every industry to prove ROI and meet tight timelines, our fully automated solution ensures you will be up for the challenge. We employ the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and survey automation across every possible aspect of operational performance from feasibility through to final delivery. This gives your team more time to do their jobs more efficiently, boosting job satisfaction and retention.

Cint’s enterprise-grade platform allows you to:

  • Plan ahead and collaborate with an intrinsically transparent solution to future-proof your business
  • Meet deadlines and deliver quality outcomes for your clients
  • Manage multiple panel sources (open, proprietary and private) in one location, seamlessly at scale
  • Standardise processes, workflows and profiling data structures across the entire market research supply-chain
  • Create balance for your team that frees them up to do their best work, such as scripting and analysis, keeping them engaged and productive
  • Gain a deep understanding of feasibility, costs and timelines in seconds

Now ask yourself the question, how many disparate systems are you using for all this every day?

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