Project and sample teams

Wish you had an extra set of hands? Cint can deliver. Our platform gives you the tools you need to execute every research project on budget and on time. Nimble enough to accommodate your changing deliverables, and powerful enough to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

How many emails are too many?

Dramatic reduction in the time you waste on emails, phone calls, meetings and mind-numbing spreadsheet updates? Yes, please! Cint gives you the instant ability to streamline your daily workload and create efficiencies at every turn. This means you can deliver your sampling projects on time and on budget, every time, even when things change along the way.

With Cint you get a single platform to establish feasibility and cost for sample in seconds, taking the stress out of sample provision. Plus, our API integration places everything in one system, providing better cost analysis and improving the sample supply chain. When you stop switching between multiple systems and have a clear understanding of important metrics like cost and timescales, you can better allocate your time and resources.

The Cint platform offers intrinsic benefits that will help you succeed:

  • Advanced automation at every stage of the process, from feasibility through field to delivery
  • Protect your panel study with industry-leading fraud detection and mitigation, powered by AI, that ensures reliability and high-quality data outcomes
  • Get better data through a superior respondent experience that uses a multi-pronged, data-driven approach to matching the best surveys with each individual

Boost your results with unparalleled reach and targeting

  • 335M+ engaged respondents
  • 130+ countries
  • 4,600+ survey panels

If you don’t know what Cint can do for you, then you are seriously missing out.

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