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Access Pro

Access Pro

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Engage MR

Engage MR

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Engage Media

Engage Media

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Automate and integrate any of our tools with our API capabilities

Time is important to our clients, and we need to deliver the best service. Our eye-tracking technology integrates seamlessly with Access, so after setting targeting requirements our studies deploy immediately.

Malin NoresvedSenior Project Manager, Sticky

Used Access for the first time and was very satisfied with the quotes and feasibility. The system is easy to use and I can definitely see myself running my future sampling projects through Access.

Alberto MagnaniSales Director, GMC Research

It’s been a pleasure using Access and will be surely using it again. Cint has been very helpful in getting the first steps of my project done. Now I can focus on the analysis, which is the part that most fascinates me.

Mario SciannaDendron

Access Pro is very easy to use, it simplifies the entire feasibility, set-up and sampling process. We set up and launch projects for our clients in less than 30 minutes!

Matt SamadonyCo-Founder & CEO, Ampersandata

Access Pro It’s a very clear and intuitive system. Particularly useful at the quotation stage.

Marketing Lab

I’m your number one fan! Access Pro really helps our daily work. All is really clear and easy to use.

Roger SansSalvetti & Llombart

I have completed the first project in Access Pro and will upload the complete data soon. It worked like a charm, and I think the new Pro interface is awesome. I just have to work out my way around it, and then I’ll be flying!

Jasper LindhardtStifter

Being able to access our own Crowdology panels as well as external panels through one platform that combines both bidding and fulfilment makes us more competitive than before. Controlling the sampling functions, routing technology, quota management and source allocation makes us more confident when giving commitments to clients on tight timelines and prices.

Guy WasherManaging Director, Redshift Research

Engage allows us for improved project launches in our own panel since we can better control feasibility and profiling. All of the ‘insights’ block is also really useful, allowing us to understand our panelists composition.

Amanda FiguerasQuantitative Manager, The Cocktail Analysis

Engage is really user friendly, visual and easy to work with. The ‘view revenue’ option is a great feature for us in order to prove the real potential revenue that new panels would offer in specific territories.

Roger SansScripting Manager, Eurus

Engage gives us an opportunity to focus on panelist recruitment. With the supplier API we have total transparency into the Cint platform and we can get useful data back into our system from our users - it’s never been easier for companies with large audiences like news outlets, membership sites and even professional affiliates to deliver value to their audience while, at the same time, achieving a long term continual income stream.

Niels ThimmerMedia Aid

Engage allows us to propose more surveys to our panel members and increase our revenues. The Supply API offers an effortless solution to manage and analyse our panel.

Fabrice PayetCreonline

The addition of the ‘Opportunity Calculator’ feature in the Engage tool has really increased our supply-side sample capabilities by identifying new panel opportunities, resulting in two new panels to date.

Jeo LeonVP, e-Research Global

We use Cint Engage to create client-specific panels as well as our own made up of eye-tracking users. Engage allows us to create reports valuable to our clients and monitor the health of each group all in one place. In addition to the insights we gain, monetizing audiences allows us to lower sample costs significantly. We can then pass those savings on to our clients.

Magnus LindeHead of Production, Sticky

Engage helps us with in-depth database querying and the creation of dynamic reports on panel members. Having an instant overview of panel activity tells us when to run recruitment drives and provides in-the-moment panel data. With Engage, we can service client and sales requests in a more efficient way.

Misha TsvelikResearch Operations Director, Easyinsites