Access by Cint™

Reach millions of panellists all over the world, assess your project’s costs and feasibility to make decisions instantly.


Unparalleled reach
Precise targeting
Instant feasibility

How many spreadsheets do you use to run one market research project?

How many emails, phone calls or API integrations should it take to run one research project? Let Access do the heavy lifting for you.

100+ million panellists across 150+ countries – get access to the most diverse and comprehensive global audiences of any platform.

General or niche audience? It’s your choice. Micro-target anything from sub-regions, income and type of education to age of children or even preferred car brand.

AI-powered algorithms let you check feasibility and pricing in real-time, empowering you to make project decisions in seconds, not weeks.

Value for money
Lock-in your total project cost, but still fine-tune your targeting with granular profiling options at no extra cost.

Automatic management of complex quota configurations to fit any research need.

Rapid fielding
Launch projects with a single click, and rest assured they’re 100% GDPR et al. compliant.

Project management simplicity
Manage multiple projects with minimum hassle with our intuitive, industry-leading control interface.

24/7 Support
Guidance and support around the clock from a world-class Customer Success team.

API integrations
Integrate your own systems and tech-stacks using a selection of our 200+ sophisticated, work-flow standardised APIs.

Create your target group. Connect your survey. Launch. With Access, it’s really that simple.

  • 100+ million panelists
  • 150+ countries
  • 300+ targeting options

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