Cint and Delineate leverage AI for the Coca-Cola Company

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Market Research

Consumer insight and research leader Delineate’s founder, James “JT” Turner, was tasked with providing The Coca-Cola Company with the ability to survey consumers for campaign insights on a daily basis, in real time.   

Together with Cint’s demand API feeding their proprietary research platform Delineate Proximity®, they helped achieve their client’s objective and saved them money along the way.  

The challenge  

The Coca-Cola Company was pivoting away from surveying consumers in the traditional pre/post method to more real time feedback. The client’s brand managers and insights teams were looking for a solution that would provide a more responsive measure of a consumer’s holistic experience with their brand communications. This would require gathering a constant stream of consumer responses to paint a picture richer in detail – one that would capture their entire experience with the product.   

Delineate’s initial attempts to find a partner that met their client’s requirements proved difficult, as Turner comments, “the systematic issue with some legacy market research companies is the latency of the data they provide and their inability to scale and automate.”   

Considering that different groups of consumers could potentially interact with brand communications multiple times a day, the client required daily access to an immense volume of survey respondents across more than 50 countries. It was also important that the surveys could be scheduled at specific and frequent time intervals and automatically be adjusted for time zones.  

Along with these challenges came three requirements familiar to all businesses.   

First: speed of results. For the data to be of maximum value, it had to capture the consumer’s experience in near real time. This would allow the client to modify their campaign approach mid-flight if the reaction to a campaign should be suboptimal.  

Second: resource constraints. Given the scale required, the client would need to maintain a fixed central headcount to support insights data across dozens of brands and thousands of consumers.  

And third: considering the size of sample required, the project had to make economic sense. Turner states, “we were able to optimize survey pricing to maintain quality responses with the Cint demand API so that our client got the very best value.”  

Enter Cint’s real time demand API and Proximity® by Delineate.  

The solution  

“Our business model could not exist without modern research technology integrations like Cint’s demand API.” – James “JT” Turner  

Here’s how Cint and Delineate met the client’s challenges.  

Speed of results: The Proximity® platform relies on Cint’s sample to survey consumers on an ongoing basis, capitalizing on their immediate recall of an interaction in the period surrounding the brand touchpoint. The sheer volume of continuous sample that Delineate Proximity® pulls meant that they had to integrate with a leading provider – and they chose Cint.  

Resource constraints: Because the update frequency of insights gathered through Delineate Proximity® is constant and immediate, sampling can only be accomplished by AI or machine automation. Cint leverages advanced AI to conduct live, multi-layered user validation checks to consistently provide quality respondents. Delinate Proximity® leverages AI to deploy surveys, convert the data output into modern formats, and apply analytics re porting.   

Cost: Again, AI to the rescue. Because Proximity®’s automation logic matches respondents to surveys so efficiently, their client’s costs and quality are managed. With AI, production labor costs have nearly been eliminated at Delineate. Turner says, “the Cint demand API gives us unparalleled access to the world’s best quality panels. We could not possibly afford to manage relationships with panels directly.”  


We’ll let The Coca-Cola Company say it for us.   

“I can say – at a minimum – we are able to increase the effectiveness of our campaigns by 25%, because we now have the ability to shape and adjust them on the fly.”