Nextdoor and Lucid partner to deliver meaningful brand lift insights to a major insurance company

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Nextdoor is the neighborhood network that connects neighbors with each other and everything nearby. On Nextdoor, brands can reach and engage real neighbors based on their interest and location and connect with the neighborhoods that matter most to them.      

Challenge & Solution 

Since 2021, Nextdoor has partnered with Lucid to measure the effectiveness of their customers’ advertising on the platform. Lucid’s flexible and cost-effective brand lift solutions have enabled Nextdoor to offer studies to a wider range of their customers. To date, the team has launched over 50 Lucid brand lift studies across many verticals, which has helped the team showcase the value that the Nextdoor platform brings to any media plan. With Lucid as a brand lift provider, Nextdoor touts an average of 5% lift in brand awareness, which is 2x greater than Lucid’s US benchmarks*, on campaigns across brands.  

*based on Lucid Impact Measurement’s Q2 2022 US Brand Awareness benchmarks 


Many of Nextdoor’s customers have benefited from the flexible and cost-effective solutions that Lucid has to offer, including an insurance company.  

The insurance company ran a national  awareness campaign targeting eligible customers for nearly two months and wanted to understand their campaign’s performance, so Nextdoor added a Lucid brand lift study.    

The primary KPI was Brand Awareness, but due to the flexibility of the Lucid study, Nextdoor was able to also capture data for the client’s secondary KPIs: Ad Recall, Message Association, Brand Recommendation, Brand Consideration, and Brand Favorability. Once the survey was live, Lucid began collecting responses immediately and provided enough responses from its global research marketplace to provide significant lift data for many deeper data cuts . Further, Lucid’s account representatives delivered all of the survey data to the Nextdoor team in a usable format for them to easily analyze and present the findings to their insurance partner in a meaningful way.   

As a result, Nextdoor’s customer insights and analytics team felt confident to share a wide range of results, which ultimately showcased the overall value of including Nextdoor in the insurance partner’s media plan.   


With Lucid’s custom measurement solution, the client saw exceptional results with the majority being statistically significant at a 90% confidence level.   

Overall, the campaign had a positive effect on Nextdoor neighbors  across all categories with a 14% lift in Brand Awareness compared to a demographically matched control group. It performed particularly well for neighbors  on Nextdoor in the Midwest, with a salary of <$50K, and in the 45-64 age range. 


Nextdoor took a proactive approach by adding a brand lift study, which delivered real brand insights and validated the value of its advertising solutions  for the  insurance company. 

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*Lucid was acquired by Cint in December 2021