Wunderkind uses Lucid Impact Measurement to measure brand lift for oral care brand

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Wunderkind, a marketing and advertising platform, ran a brand lift study for a major oral care brand seeking to drive awareness around the launch of a new product.

While the brand is well known, the client was specifically looking to drive awareness of a new product line using a digital advertising campaign. To conduct this study, Wunderkind utilised Lucid as a brand lift measurement partner.


The oral care brand turned to Wunderkind to add post and content inventory to their media mix of high impact video adverts. The entire campaign was measured by Lucid to evaluate the lift in awareness driven by the campaign. Wunderkind used Lucid’s brand lift measurement solution, Impact Measurement, a DIY tool that provides proprietary brand lift metrics and daily survey results in an easy-to-use dashboard.

To measure the awareness changes of those exposed for analysis, Lucid surveyed two groups of consumers: One group who was exposed, and a control group who wasn’t exposed to the campaign. Any difference in awareness between the exposed and control groups would be classified as “lift.”


Using Impact Measurement, Wunderkind measured digital campaign success and optimised media performance (as well as cost) in real-time. In addition, Wunderkind was able to break down campaign performance in various ways, from asset type to gender.


Valuable results were available within a week of launching the survey. Wunderkind placements drove greater than 20% lift in awareness among the campaign’s target demographic and was more than 90% more efficient than a leading competitor’s inventory.

With the actionable insights provided by Impact Measurement, the oral care brand also learned that their new product variation was best-received on mobile devices (16% lift) and resonated most with a female audience.