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Cint is ISO 20252 certified by CIRQ

As part of our global commitment to quality. This accreditation impacts everything from what defines an “active” panelist to data protection and security processes for our clients.

What are ISO Quality Standards for Research?

  • Standards specific to research businesses and their quality management systems
  • Proven frameworks for building a quality program
  • Recognized globally for project management processes
  • Focused on those business activities that impact:
    • Quality of service delivery to the client
    • Integrity of the project outcome
    • Management of potential risks
    • Data protection and security

How does Cint’s ISO certification benefit research companies?

Internationally recognized quality standard for research businesses

  • Can identify operating inefficiencies, which when addressed can:
    • improve quality
    • establish greater transparency with clients
    • increase client satisfaction
  • Provides a tool for managing global offices and outsourced suppliers
  • An excellent employee on-boarding and training tool
  • Establishes protocols to better communication

Who performed the audit?

The CASRO Institute for Research Quality is committed to providing timely, thorough, and impartial assessments of its customers’ quality management systems in order to make a determination regarding certification to ISO 20252 and/or 26362. CIRQ has been established in compliance with all ISO requirements for certification bodies that provide auditing and certification services for ISO 20252 and 26362. CIRQ complies with the following:

  • The ICF Global Specification Protocol for Organizations Certifying to an ISO Standard related to Market, Opinion and Social Research.
  • ISO/IEC 17065 Standard for Conformity assessment—Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services.
  • ISO/IEC 17021:2011 Conformity assessment—Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems.

What are the key components of ISO 20252 standard for market research?

Quality Management System Requirements:

  • Organization & Responsibilities
  • Confidentiality
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Competence & Training
  • Subcontracting best practices and procedures
  • Reviewing Effectiveness of the System
  • Managing the Executive Elements of Research
  • Data Collection best practices
  • Data Management & Processing
  • Reporting on Research Projects
  • Applies to all types of access panels
  • Cint also adheres to best practices included in ISO 26362 including requirements around:
    • Recruitment of New Panel Members
    • Panel Structure and Size
    • Panel Management
    • Panel Usage
    • Client Reporting
    • Professional Rules of Conduct

Why did Cint go through the audit process?

To confirm the company’s commitment to:

  • consistency and accountability in project management
  • optimization of process documentation, record-keeping and data security
  • complete transparency in procedures
  • continuous improvements of our quality management system
  • increasing client satisfaction