The Cint culture

At Cint, we believe that success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but from what you do consistently. We are a bunch of relentless entrepreneurs who instinctively connect blue-sky thinking with goal-oriented action, every single day.

We do this by practising our core values...

Equality and Inclusion

Cint has made a complete and unambiguous commitment to equality and inclusion; implementing policies and recruitment measures that challenge stereotypes, fight bias and broaden perspectives. We come from backgrounds of unimaginable diversity, and there is a place for each of us. Our team believes in the value of diverse voices, and in creating a culture where everyone can be successful.

Social Responsibility

We believe our brand values are best lived when we take tangible action for the greater good. That’s why we promote and support select causes that are advocating for important issues like equality and wellbeing. For example, we support “accelerating equality” through International Women’s Day and Pride Month, and “accelerating wellbeing” through Mental Health Week, Movember and Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Diverse Team

A result of our commitment to equality, Cint is proud to have a representative leadership team, with a high percentage of women executives in leadership positions around the globe. Gender equity is something we take seriously. Celebrating the economic, social, political, and cultural achievements of women, and any other under-represented or minority group, is part of who we are at Cint.

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