Academic Research

Whether you are surveying the general population, nationally-representative samples, or a targeted demographic—we’ll help you run board-approved academic studies quickly and affordably.

Opt-in Surveys

All respondents are made aware of the requirements needed to qualify for a study.

Trusted Survey Panels

Our ecosystem of suppliers ensures quality results and correct respondent compensation.

Eligible for IRB Approval

Many researchers who have sourced survey data through Cint have had their research IRB-approved.

Project Feasibility

With the world’s largest network of consumers, Cint provides access to a high number of respondents who meet your targeting criteria.

Fast Results

Our automated platform ensures that your survey is matched with respondents instantly.


Cint’s robust anti-fraud protections and programmatic system mean that your studies are in secure hands.

Flexible Research Options

With self-serve options as well as other sampling solutions, Cint has the tools to meet your sampling needs.


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