About Cint

Company description

Founded in 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, Cint is the world’s #1 insight exchange platform.

Hosting 20 million registered consumers worldwide, Cint maintains an online insight exchange platform that connects community owners to researchers, agencies and brands, for the sharing and accessing of consumer data.

Our tagline

Insights connected

Our vision

To show you the path to every digital consumer world wide

Company name

Cint with a capital C.


Not: CINT, cint, or any other way.

Solution names

The names of our technology solutions are spelled in the following way:

Access Pro
Engage Media
Engage MR

Cint logo and icon

Cint colors


Cint Orange – Web only
HEX: FF9300

Preferred for call to action buttons

HEX: 000000

Cint Blue

Preferred for navigational buttons


Cint Orange
Pantone 151 C
RGB: 255/131/0
CMYK: 0/60/100/0
HEX: FF8300

Cint Grey
Pantone 447 C
RBG: 56/58/53
CMYK: 68/60/65/54
HEX: 383A35

Cint Blue
Pantone 638 C
RGB: 68/171/216
CMYK: 83/0/10/0

Cint typography

Marketing material / print collateral / graphics

Montserrat bold
Montserrat regular
Dosis bold
Dosis regular

Web / digital

H1 – Montserrat bold – 50px

H2 – Montserrat bold – 30px

H3/Body – Montserrat regular or bold – 22px

Body – Dosis regular – 20px

Word / PPTs / contracts / general docs.

Dotum bold
Dotum regular
Calibri bold
Calibri regular

Logo usage and implementation guidelines

At Cint we strive to design following two rules:

Consistency & Clarity

Applying consistency to design means to set rules and stick to them, as consistency always overrides everything else with one exception. If being consistent produces unclear results then it is clarity which overrides consistency and dictates that you go back to the drawing board. Let’s look at some of the rules we set when implementing our logo and brand.

Let it breathe

Don’t cram it next to text or the edges of the page or picture. Leave some space around it. 1/5 of the logo’s width on each side and 1/2 of the logo’s height above and below.

Let the Cint logo breathe with spacing

Lean it left

The logo is ‘left heavy’ so when you place it it is preferable that it rests on the left side of the page or picture. Exceptions are allowed. In that case follow the guidelines below.

Lean the Cint logo left for proper placement

Using taglines? Stay consistent

Cint logo with tagline should be used when appropriate. You can find versions of the logo including the tagline in the download pack at the top or bottom of this page.
In case you are creating your own logo and tagline make sure you apply consistent spacing.

Cint logo with tagline
Cint logo with tagline inline

Proportions matter

Try to keep the same logo proportions in relationship to the media it is in and remember, a logo can alwasy be smaller so that it can allow the message to be the focus.

Additionally keep in mind that the job of a logo is not to be in your face at all times. If you stay consistent with your design and style then it will be the entirety of your design piece that will tell the audience it is you; the logo is just a finishing touch.

Proportions matter in Cint logo placement

Avoid monochrome

The logo comes in two versions, a positive and a negative, but both have the orange detail on the letter C. Unless absolutely necessary stay away from making the logos monochrome. Again, rather change the background than the logo.

Avoid monochrome Cint logos

Contrast is your friend

When placing the logo on pictures or backgrounds make sure it is clearly readable by ensuring the contrast between logo and background is as high as possible. Select the right logo version for the right background and situation and consider changing the placement of the logo, or even the entire background, if readability is not great.

Tip: if a picture has a lot of orange or yellow elements, place the logo so that the orange bit does not overlap these sections or readability will be compromised (remember the clarity rule?).

Tip: if you have a picture with light colors go for the dark version of the logo. Avoid white logo on light yellow and similar combinations. Same goes for the opposite.

Incorrect Cint logo placement examples
Cint correct logo placement (happy face)