Buyer-side Integrations

Fully automate every step of your data collection and fieldwork process with Cint’s Buyer API. Programmatically access thousands of data providers within a single interface to accelerate growth.

Buyer-side Integrations
Zero-touch automation
Universal access to supply
Fast time-to-value

Transform and accelerate every step of your market research process with Cint’s Buyer API.

Our Buyer API combines best practices from years of proven integrations, putting advanced automation to work for optimum operational efficiency. Rich functionality and programmatic access to the world’s largest consumer network for digital survey-based research and the ability to connect any supply source in a unique Private Marketplace can mean only one thing. Audiences at scale!

Experts in building hundreds of integrations
Use our next generation domain expertise in building hundreds of integrations in the market research space to access thousands of harmonised sample suppliers through a single pipeline.  Our pioneering efforts in launching the market research industry’s first API way back in 2010 gives us the leading edge in API strategy.

One connection for it all
Make it easy on yourself with one entry point to the world’s largest consumer network for survey-based research. Plus, programmatically integrate your proprietary research panels, plug-in third-party suppliers, or create a private marketplace. Determine feasibility, set-up and execute projects and manage pricing all in one place with built-in automation.

Ease of integration
Cint’s simple, straightforward approach to API development means you can easily integrate our platform to your needs, on your terms. Our flexible market research technology is built to easily wrap around and bolster your business to solve problems at impressive speeds.

Advanced feature set
Take advantage of our advanced feature functionality, built over the years, to solve the industry’s most pressing digital transformation problems, making our Buyer API one of the most sought-after products in the business.

Value at scale
Realise true value through economies of scale with the sheer size of the Cint offering, plus our programmatic sampling approach. A focus on efficiency is reflected in our technology-driven model, which lowers the overall cost of ownership and can reduce operating costs by up to 80% in just six months.

Continuous API optimisation
API implementation is only the beginning of automation. Cint’s continuous API optimisation efforts let you focus you on what you do best: finding insights for your customers. We will manage all bug fixes, security enhancements, product updates to the highest industry standards without you having to bat an eyelid.

Unparalleled support
Behind our technology, we also have some of the best people in the business. Our global user and partner support teams are available 24/7 to help you deliver incredible value, faster.

Future proof from day one
Put technology to practical use through our shared global infrastructure. Cint’s product road map is carefully strategised with the Tier 1 market research agencies from around the world. So, you benefit from cutting-edge technology from the day you integrate with us.

Optimised efficiency
Profit from Cint’s established, intuitive and flexible solution to enable faster innovation and reduce time-to-market. Our depth of experience equals rapid user onboarding and adoption with a proven 90% faster project set up and delivery, for faster customer responses and results.

Want proof?
Read case studies about how our customer Zappi delivered accelerated value, quality and speed to their customers.

The great thing about Cint’s API is how it distinguishes between API-based work that can run more or less fully automated, and work that needs to be handled by a project management team. Having a strict delineation between the two allows us to drive our business increasingly towards fully automated fulfilment. Cint were great to work with during the integration phase of the project. They were there for the long run, working with us on hardening the API integration as we uncovered and fixed edge cases. The outcome is a high level of automation, a reliable API integration, and peace of mind for Zappi.

Callum Liddle, Product Manager, Zappi

Connect by Cint™

Connect by Cint™

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