Connect by Cint™

Understanding the reach, impact and resonance of your digital marketing can mean the difference between success and failure. Connect by Cint connects digital interactions with real-time surveying to explore audience segments in-depth and boost advertising effectiveness.


In-depth profiling
On-the-fly surveying
Optimised advertising

Worried about your advertising effectiveness?

Connect’s first-party proprietary cookie and device-tagging technology helps optimise your advertising effectiveness on the fly. Validate and track your content’s audiences to empower smarter, more proactive spending decisions in real-time.

Audience understanding
Measure and understand who’s really looking at your online advertising and content

Insights at scale
Connect profiled data to human feedback at scale via on-the-fly surveying

Connected insight advantage
Connect real-time audience data with marketing initiatives from multiple 3rd party sources.

Drive UX effectiveness
Optimise your User Experience (UX) research using qualitative and quantitative insights.

Campaign pre-testing
Pre-test new campaigns at scale for more efficient marketing investments.

Analyse your advertising content and audiences at scale to optimise your marketing effectiveness.

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Access Pro by Cint™

Access Pro by Cint™

Take your project to the next level by combining open, private and proprietary panel exchanges to achieve complex and sophisticated sample configurations.