Hosting 50 million registered consumers worldwide, Cint maintains an online insights exchange that connects community and panel owners to researchers, agencies and brands, for the sharing and accessing of consumer data.

How Cint works diagram
How Cint works diagram (mobile)

Three ways to access insights

Reach survey respondents

Reach people with accurately targeted surveys both on desktop and mobile.
Use the millions of demographic data points available in our platform to interview exactly the survey respondents you want, from a pool of 50 million people in 80+ countries and expanding daily.

Measure and profile who sees your content

Use our tracking codes to track any type of online content, from banner ads, to videos, to entire webpages if needed.
Our technology will monitor all the visitors passing through your content (even if they don’t interact with it) and show you their demographic and profiling data, turning them from just a number to actual people!

Profile your registered members

Bring your registered members into the Cint marketplace in form of a consumer panel and let our technology organically collect, update and enrich your members’ data with demographic and profiling information to constantly deepen your knowledge of it.
Use the standard data generated by our platform or create specific questions to gather ad-hoc data points on your community.

One way to provide insights

Create or integrate a consumer panel

Create new consumer panel, integrate an existing one, or build it from any community of registered members.
Once a panel is in place the Cint platform will organically collect, expand and update your members’ demographic and profiling data to then make it available in the marketplace.
Cint is now ready to invite your members to participate in online research on behalf of thousands of researchers worldwide in a fully automated way. Generating revenue for you on each completed survey while your respondents get rewarded for their time with cash, points or incentives of your choosing.

What is a consumer panel?

Consumer panels are comprised of pre-recruited groups of people who have agreed to participate in online research (surveys/polls/ad testing). Members are usually given incentives to reward them for their time and participation.
If you are managing an online community then that community can become a panel.

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