Complete your consumer profiles to include rich demographics, lifestyle data, technology usage, behavioral insights, purchase history, media consumption, and more.

Why Cint?

Cint operates a programmatic Audience Insights Exchange (AIX) that optimizes connections between market researchers and panelized audiences.

The core platform enables brands, digital marketers and AdTech providers to gain insights about audience sets by supplementing inferred data with rich, self-declared, first party data.

Cint in numbers

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Cint solutions


Data Licensing

Feed and use Cint’s first-party data to supplement, enrich or validate your own.

The Cint platform is built to organically collect and update self-declared high quality data you can use to augment your own database, so that you can fuel your business with data that is complete, contextual, and trustworthy.

Validate your audience

Our technology is designed to monitor customers’ journeys as it continuously gathers, matches and joins data sets together in real-time so that you can better discover and validate your audience.

Improve your attribution modeling

Use the appended data for attribution modelling and to build look-alike audience segments for providing more effective ad targeting and re-targeting to your customers and partners.

Add value to your offering

Cint’s platform sports billions of declared data points from 50 million consumers, that can be easily matched and appended to your own. Allowing you, not only to enrich your database, but also offer more complete data to your partners and customers.

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Cint Insights Suite (Connect+)

Get access to all of Cint’s data plus the full bundle of technology solutions and build the ultimate insights based ecosystem.

Whether you are a brand or a publisher, understanding who your customers are, how they engage with your brand and what content interests them are the building blocks for relevant, people-based marketing campaigns.
By unlocking the power of the Cint solution suite you will enhance your customer engagement program with better, real-time, actionable data and touch-points, all hosted on a single platform.

Accelerate customer acquisition and reduce costs

Leverage our software to target the right customers at the right time with the right ad campaigns, decrease bounce rates on site visitors, and enrich your data – all by bridging the data between your ad tools, web, CRM solutions and injecting it with the declared data sitting in the Cint platform.

Increase customer engagement

Create higher converting engagement opportunities as you tailor each customer interaction.

Cint technology will ensure that digital channels are tightly linked so that your customer’s behavioral and demographic data can move seamlessly from system to system and give you the intelligence you need.

Learn about your customer’s journey

Join the digital touch points of each customer with Cint’s 360° online/offline, cross-platform, cross-device, profiling and demographic self-declared data.

Know more about the “who” and ask the “why” behind your customer’s behavior with real-time event-triggered surveys.

Drive revenue growth

Leverage Cint’s actionable insights exchange to outpace the competition. The result is a more engaged audience, more subscribers and increased advertising revenues.

Improve customer retention

Critical to building lasting relationships is the ability to recognize existing customers when they re-engage your brand.

Leverage our platform to recognize an individual at each interaction, and synchronize their intent across the your marketing ecosystem.

Create a new revenue source

Participate in Cint’s insights exchange ecosystem and generate more revenue as we invite your community to take surveys from thousands of researchers worldwide in a fully automated fashion. You and your members earn revenue on each completed survey.

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