Everything we do has efficiency and simplicity at its heart. We are committed to helping you run your research and insights operations faster, simpler and more cost-effectively than ever before with a scalable, end-to-end technology platform that is redefining the industry standard.

Sample and Project Management

Finding exactly the right research audience, accurately estimating costs or even judging feasibility in real-time can be increasingly complex in advance of a large scale project. Or, it used to be.

Now, with Cint’s Access suite of products, it’s never been easier. Combine multiple sources from open, private and proprietary exchanges, manage complex projects, deliver audience surveys instantly, collect and analyse them, manage quotas and define samples and composition through one powerful, integrated tool-set.

Advertising Effectiveness Management

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted,” said John Wannamaker famously. “The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

If only he’d had access to Connect by Cint™. His new power to precisely track advert and content performance, collect deep audience insights, measure marketing effectiveness and optimise his budgets for maximum return on investment would have left him amazed and never doubting his advertising effectiveness again.

Audience Management and Monetisation

Keeping an audience engaged is critical to maintaining value, which means you need to know precisely who they are and what they will respond to. Effective profiling, panel health monitoring and comprehensive audience research tools (for both your existing panels and new ones) are at the heart of Engage by Cint™, allowing you to recruit, monitor, gather intelligence and monetise all of your communities.

Enterprise Transformation

With market research projects and sample fieldwork becoming increasingly complex as the industry globalises, maintaining the necessary big picture is becoming exponentially more complicated. Multiple panel sources and types, non-standardised workflows and a huge variety of content types and tracking technologies can make effective project management almost impossible with traditional tools.

Which is why we created our most powerful platform ever, a game-changing suite of tools to help Enterprises of all sizes accelerate their market research, streamline their processes and integrate their entire, complex operation into one enormously powerful interface: Access Enterprise by Cint™.


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