Why become a Cint supply partner? Because we can help you monetise your digital audiences by connecting them to surveys from our customer base of over 3,000+ insight-driven companies around the world. Our market-leading experience in building supplier-side integrations provides exponential revenue and growth opportunities while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Market leading Supply API and automated integrations

Fast, efficient and agile integrations are our speciality. Cint’s flexible approach to supply partnerships allows you to choose from an array of integration methods that suit you and your business model, from audience engagement features to panellist experience and your choice of reward models. More surveys from Cint’s global customer base means heightened engagement, greater revenue and better lifetime value of audience assets.

Supply-side Integrations

Fully automated panel management software

Create, manage, migrate and monetise your audiences – and keep your community highly engaged and healthy – with our panel and revenue management solution. Intelligent dashboards and automation features improve panellists’ experiences, allow deep profiling, drive recruitment and boost your revenue.

Engage by Cint

Partner Success

Partnership with Cint means access to your own dedicated partner success team which will proactively manage all your needs. You can expect superior services levels focussed on speedy implementations and shared commitment to revenue growth. Our commitment to automated technology is geared to help you monetise your audiences through Cint’s insights network – an environment where quality always comes first. This is a partnership that will drive value for your bottom line.

Become a Supply Partner

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