Track real time demographic exposure to your online advertising


Track your content

Identify and discover your audience

Prove marketing impact

Optimize your ads in real time

Track it all

Track ad campaigns, specific web pages or even your whole website

Discover your audience

Gain access to billions of data points from 20 million consumers in 75+ countries
Connect real-time data

How does it work?

At the base of Connect there is a tracking code which you can use to tag any online creative.

Once a tagged creative is published Connect will start measuring, logging an impression each time your creative is viewed.

When an impression is triggered by one of our 20 million platform members, you will get a match, and with it the demographic profile of the exposed visitor will be updated right on the dashboard, building your audience understanding right before your eyes.

Prove campaign impact

Interview your exposed and non-exposed visitors to prove ad effectiveness with our audience targeting technology

Adjust your media plan

Start making data-based decisions
Connect real-time insights dashboard by Cint

Deep profiling data

See your visitors’ demographic data unfold in real time

API support

Automate the data flow and integrate it with your systems

Total autonomy

1 account, 100% in control with our self-service model

Broad data platform

Enter the global cross-platform & cross-device insight exchange

Live feeds

Monitor campaigns in real time through the dashboard

Future-proof technology

Focus on your business while we worry about the data