Boost your panel’s potential with Engage.
Recruit, monitor, gather intelligence and monetize, all in one tool


Join the Cint global panel network

Accelerate your panel’s potential with our revenue projection tools

Monitor revenue and panel activity

In-depth panel statistics

Check panel health any time through the dashboard. See response rates, panel size, profiling depth and respondent activity

Panel monetization

Generate revenue from your panels by allowing market researchers to buy access to your panelists via our platform
In depth panel statistics with Cint Engage
Panel management tool dashboard Engage by Cint

How does it work?

Engage is a free tool given to all of our panel partners.

To get an Engage account you’ll first need to choose how to host your panel on the Cint platform. You will have two hosting options:

1Host the panel entirely on the Cint platform (our standard solution)
2Keep using your own panel management solution while we mirror your panel in the Cint platform by creating a clone (panel mirroring). Our API will then synchronize them, managing the data transfers and keeping them updated in real time.

Once this is done you will be given an Engage account and with it the capabilities to manage, monetize, gather market intelligence and invoice all in one tool.

New revenue calculator

Want to build new panels? Get statistics and estimates to see which markets are the most profitable

Current revenue analysis

See where you are having the greatest returns and refocus your recruitment on markets and panels that yield the most revenue
Revenue dashboard Cint Engage

Recruitment source tracking

Track your ROI and total revenue from each recruitment source

API support

Keep using your panel management solutions while our APIs handle the rest

Total autonomy

1 account, 100% in control with our self-service model

Broad data platform

Enter our global cross-platform & cross-device insight exchange

Easy invoicing

Monitor your revenue and invoice us through the Engage tool

Future-proof technology

Focus on your business while we worry about the data