Supplier-side Integrations

Take advantage of Cint’s Supplier API and integration products to seamlessly connect your audiences to a world of survey opportunities from our global customer base.

Supplier-side Integrations
Revenue from every survey
Superior audience experience
End-to-end automation

Looking to be a supply partner of Cint and connect your digital audiences to the Cint platform?

Generate more revenue
Our advanced AI yield management capabilities match the right surveys to your panellists with a programmatic approach. With Cint, you can strengthen engagement, boost positive experiences and increase completion rates. Because you earn every time a panellist completes a survey, our technology-driven process means you generate more revenue. There are no costs to be a supply partner with Cint.

Stay in full control
You decide which provided Cint survey invitation you send to your panellists with our supply-side API partnership. You can also continue to seamlessly use your own panel management software, panellist experience and reward partner technologies. Engage by Cint is also available for free if you prefer. Your branding is retained, you set the parameters and you stay in control.

Understand your audience better
Build first-party profiling data of your audience members so you can understand and monetise them via the right opportunities. Deliver personalised communications to drive engagement and maximise their lifetime value.

Increase panel health
Keep your survey panellist base engaged, satisfied and healthy with high-quality surveys from more than 3,000+ insight-driven companies around the world. Cint’s panel management technology gives you a simple way to build first-party audience insights, which enhances the value and responsiveness of your market research panel.

Maximise growth and efficiencies
Our commitment to innovation and growth means that we will continue to bring more buyers’ surveys to your panels, while also creating market research technology to improve efficiency and value. Our fully automated launch process means that once your online panel is connected to the Cint system, there are no operational resources required on your side.

Cint was able to scale with us as we went from a brand-new company to 15 million sessions every month. Our goal now is to continue growing our mobile supply network and double its size over the next 12 months. We believe that there’s a huge opportunity to grow this much with Cint as the adoption of programmatic sampling technology accelerates across the market research landscape.

Aaron Platshon, CEO and Co-Founder, TapResearch

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