#AskCint: We answered your most pressing market research questions


We’re working hard to help our partners and colleagues navigate during uncertain times, offering resources, data and information on the state of the market research industry. One of our most popular offerings was our #AskCint Webinar Series, during which our COO, JD Deitch answered some of your most pressing market research questions.

We’ve held two sessions in the series, starting out with EMEA and North America, and then one for our APAC partners and colleagues. We gathered your questions surrounding things like:

  • Research design
  • Sampling methodology
  • Technology strategies
  • Supply and demand dynamics
  • Respondent behaviour

JD took the submitted questions of webinar registrants and used Cint’s domain knowledge, on-the-job experience and data from the Cint platform to help inform the answers he presented in the sessions.

For example, one key question was “Are people still taking surveys?” JD’s short answer was “Yes.” Then he dove into the data that Cint has collected surrounding response rates on our own platform, which have been consistent with our normal business volume. A related question asked if people are joining panels right now and, again, the answer was yes. In fact, registrations were up significantly during the first weeks of the pandemic in February and March.

He dives into a number of other pressing subjects during the webinars, including questions surrounding tracker changes, data quality and moving data collection online. Many were asking questions related to “what happens next,” as people try to grapple with the uncertainty that is ensuing. JD talks about steps to help understand future behaviour and communicate with clients about the importance of continuing to monitor consumer sentiment and behaviours in a time of change.

When you view the webinars you’ll also get some vital insights into JD’s favourite gin for G & Ts and he also uses his cheese expertise to answer an attendee question “What cheese should I eat?” Tune in to find out what he says!

Working together as a market research community is vital during these unpredictable times. By collaborating to monitor the COVID-19 crisis, and attempt to understand its anticipated impact and duration, we can find success and deliver value. If you have concerns about how you run your market research projects during this difficult COVID-19 period, check out the webinar recordings for some answers.

View the recorded sessions: