Case Study: How Cint’s API integrations helped scale Prime Insights’ monthly survey completes from zero to two million

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Benjamin Ritzka, Founder and CEO of Prime Insights, one of the largest proprietary market research panel across more than 40 countries. They are one of the largest sample suppliers in the industry, producing over 4 million completes monthly.


When Prime Insights was launched in 2020, they experienced rapid growth. Benjamin and the team were seeking a partner with an open marketplace model with a programmatic exchange, that welcomed new players like themselves to compete on an even playing field and gain market share based on merit. 


Prime Insights integrated two of Cint’s API’s to their proprietary solutions, which allowed them to fully automate their demand. It also gave them access to a high quality inventory and the ability to send samples to thousands of surveys without utilizing manual resources for project, account or sales managers. 

With the high quality demand that Cint offered, they managed to scale their business from zero to 2 million completes a month in under a year. 


1. Quality

Prime Insights leveraged Cint’s high-quality survey inventory to effectively increase engagement on their panel. By tapping into Cint’s extensive inventory of surveys Prime Insights was able to offer more targeted and relevant surveys to their audience. This not only boosted participant engagement but also significantly increased the monetization opportunities for Prime Insights.

2. Transparency

As a result of Prime Insight’s partnership with Cint, they were able to maintain 40-60% lower reconciliations across their panel. Cint’s ability to share in-depth data and provide real-time results, also helped the team with optimizing delivery and quality of sample. The real-time overview of reconciliations as well as month-to-month and country breakdown available on the marketplace, resulted in clearer analysis of the data and for the team to improve their efficiency. 

As a result of Prime Insight’s partnership with Cint, they were able to maintain 40-60% lower reconciliations across their panel.

3. Great team

“From day one, Cint placed a dedicated team by our side to help us succeed. We had dedicated account managers, success managers, and dedicated IT and integration specialists that we continuously worked with to improve the complex technical integration between our companies. And it’s just a real pleasure working with the fantastic people at Cint who care as much as we do to provide high quality data to clients.”


Cint’s API integrations enabled Prime Insights to fully automate their demand, freeing time up for the tech-focused team to work on their real strengths: driving innovation through their products and delivering on quality.