Cint quickly uncovers insights for Naked Wines, making the case for an important business venture

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Our newest case study covering a national eCommerce advertising program shows the power of consumer insights in action. When marketing company Connections by The Specialist Works was seeking an opportunity for Naked Wines to place inserts in a national brand’s eCommerce packages, they ran into an unforeseen challenge. The brand in question wasn’t sure that wine advertising fit their brand image or would resonate with their audience.

Connections turned to Cint to help them prove otherwise. With our deep audience profiling capabilities, the firm was able to quickly identify appropriate respondents (parents in households with young children) using our platform, as well as tap into our expert staff to develop two targeted surveys for collecting audience insights.

The entire project, including data collection and processing, was completed in only 36 hours. The audience insights showed that respondents had positive reactions to the idea of receiving alcohol-related offers. Connections was able to present the findings at an important executive-level meeting at the national brand, convincing them that Naked Wines was a good fit for their eCommerce packages.

This is a great example of the power of consumer insights in a complicated business situation. Proving a point of view and audience sentiment through market research can make all the difference between success and failure. In this case, the end result was turning a “hard no” into a lucrative, national program that is already realising millions in revenue. Without fast consumer insights using the speed and agility intrinsic in the Cint platform, the deal would have never come to fruition.

Read the full case study here.

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