Cint Japan announces API integration with Japanese survey engine, Muscat

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Tokyo, Japan [Friday, 14th June 2024]: Cint, the global software leader in digital insights gathering, announces the launch of a fully automated API integration with Muscat, a survey engine developed by looking up, a market research solutions developer.

Through this collaboration, marketers will be able to directly access Cint’s panel network, the world’s largest, consisting of more than 335 million survey monitors in 130 countries, using OPTICO, a “digital transformation platform for market research” developed by looking up.

Looking up’s proprietary technology enables users to seamlessly connect to survey respondents verified by Cint, making it possible to conduct online surveys directly with global consumers.

This integration eliminates the intermediary processes that are traditionally associated with surveys and has successfully sped up the output of survey results while optimizing overall cost.

About Cint

Cint is a pioneer in Research Technology (ResTech). Our platform, The Cint Exchange, is the world’s largest sample marketplace for digital market research. Our customers use the Cint Exchange to post survey questions and get answers from over 335 million people across 130 countries who have consented to share their opinions, motivations, and behaviors for a fee. They then use these answers to build business strategies, confidentially publish research, accurately measure the impact of digital advertising, and so much more. Essentially, we are feeding the world’s curiosity.

Cint Group AB (publ), listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (STO: CINT), has a global workforce of over 1,000. Cint has offices in Stockholm, London, New York, New Orleans, Singapore, Gurgaon, and Sydney, among other locations.