Cint Launches New Data Licensing Solution to Provide Verified First-Party Data

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Advertisers can take advantage of first-party data from fully-consenting consumers 

STOCKHOLM – July 6, 2023 – Cint, a global technology leader in digital insights gathering, is announcing the launch of Data Licensing. Data Licensing will allow businesses to license Cint Verified Audiences to help organizations make better business decisions based on millions of self-reported, first-party data points. Cint Verified Audiences are built from over 290 million consumers who have entered the platform to qualify for a survey opportunity. 

“Evolving privacy standards and restrictions on third-party cookies are changing the way organizations collect customer and consumer data. First-party data has never been more important,” says Laura Manning, Senior Vice President, Measurement. “Our new Cint Verified Audiences will help organizations boost their client’s first-party data strategies by strengthening research or marketing initiatives through validation and enrichment of data at scale.”

Cint Verified Audiences help agencies and their brands strengthen first-party data strategies and enable platforms and publishers to support these efforts. Using Cint Verified Audiences, organizations can enrich, validate, and activate first, second, or third-party audience data–or build custom research audiences for tailored, survey-based insights. A number of different demographic categories including age, gender, household income, employment status, and education are available.

The data used for Cint Verified Audiences is self-reported and continually verified each time a respondent visits the Cint research platforms. Cint has over 290 million fully-consenting respondents who enter the Cint platform to qualify for survey opportunities every year, forming the foundation for Cint Verified Audiences.

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