Cint simplifies complex research requirements for BPR

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For over 40 years, Broadcast Programming and Research (BPR) has been helping their radio and TV broadcast clients study and understand audience sentiment around the world. As radio audiences diversified in the early eighties and stations shed the free-form approach that defined the 60’s and 70’s, BPR became one of the earliest consultancies of its kind to embrace research driven strategies to help their clients.

Because BPR operates in over 40 countries, primarily based in Europe and Australasia, they are consistently challenged to source diverse sample to gain consumer insights in regions not serviced by other market research companies.

BPR’s research services are a critical lifeline to broadcasters who need to understand audience behavior, develop and refine programming formats, conduct music research to optimize playlist content, and gather assessments of on-air personalities.

Since 2016, Broadcast Programming and Research (BPR) has partnered with Cint to provide their client base with actionable data to help them develop programming formats and gain listener insights.

BPR’s Senior Consultant Director, Wayne Clouten says, “One of the main attractions of our relationship with Cint is the fact that Access can provide a broad and representative sample of the marketplace across all of the international markets we want to sample.”

Quality of sample is a high priority for BPR. Wayne continues, “Quality is everything. Cint gives us the confidence that our sample genuinely represents the market and accurately expresses the opportunities and threats we communicate to our clients.”

“Cint Access is the fundamental building block of our success”


On the market research front lines are Online Research Director Martin Kopp, and Research Manager Martina Putz. On a daily basis, they rely on Cint’s supplier API and Access survey exchange to test listener reactions to lists of songs, understand their preferences toward on-air personalities, and inform a station’s marketing efforts. In addition, BPR relies on Cint’s panel management system Engage to manage their proprietary panel.


BPR counts on Cint for the key benefits that separate Cint from competitors:

  • Dynamic feasibility results to shape sample and maintain complete control over costs
  • The ability to easily redefine target groups and add target groups to surveys in flight
  • Highly responsive Cint Managed Services representatives to provide all levels of support
  • The tools to manage their own proprietary panel, MusicMax, with the Engage panel management system
  • The Cint global respondent network to find panels in over 130 countries
  • Cint’s “always-on” feature. As an API customer, no matter what time of day, and especially on weekends, Cint is available for filling panels at a moment’s notice.
  • No minimum fees. They can fill their panels at any quantity required without worrying about extra charges, again leveraging Cint’s supply API.
  • Cint’s Access product makes it easy to ask additional/follow-up questions to specific respondents, known in the industry as recontacts, and Access tracks the new answers back to the respondent’s original answers
  • Transparency around suppliers in the Access respondent network to reassure their clients who want to know how panels are recruited


Martin shares, “Cint has proven to be a stable partner for us over many years. Access is growing in importance for us, because projects become more complex all the time and Access allows us to manage that complexity.”

Cint Access is of particular benefit to Martin and his team when they conduct internal studies that inform industry-specific thought leadership reports. In late 2022, BPR conducted an internal study and published the results in their Global Audio Listenership 2022 report. Martin shares specific challenges that Cint helps them overcome when conducting a study of this magnitude.

“Cint allows us to collect data that we can then use as a marketing tool. Access is the perfect tool for us to use because we can easily create a survey of any size quickly. In the case of our Audio Listenership report, we were able to survey listeners in every country that we required.”

The report provides a timely view of some key markers to establish a current baseline of global listenership behavior, reinforcing BPR’s dominant position in the broadcast consulting market. Readers of the study may be surprised at the resiliency of terrestrial radio in the face of competition from streaming services and podcasts.

“Cint lets us sample the world.”