Cint sponsors 2020 MRS Awards with an eye to industry innovation

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For the second year in a row, Cint has signed on as Principal Sponsor of the MRS Awards. While this year’s awards may look a bit different than the past, we still believe in the vital importance of supporting programs like this one. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, there’s still arguably never been a more exciting time to be involved in market research, and we are thrilled to be a part of celebrating the best innovations and talent from industry leaders.

At Cint, we are committed to the digital transformation of the insights industry, sharing the Market Research Society’s view that research is more important than ever in a changing world. What started last winter as a temporary health crisis has become a worldwide disruption with repercussions that will permanently change the face of research, giving us new opportunities to use technology for tapping into a rich, growing pool of data as consumers accelerate their adoption of digital channels. It is those companies that “drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results” which will help to future-proof our industry as a whole and increase audience understanding for clients around the world. We look forward to celebrating them through the awards program.

So, what does this transformation really entail? There are several familiar themes driving us forward. Long has the industry called for speed, cost-effectiveness and quality – these priorities have not changed, except to become even more significant. Now we also need greater scalability and feasibility when it comes to consumer research, especially as consumers become more connected and diverse around the world. Agile technology and automation implementation, at every stage of a research project, is the best path to get there – allowing researchers the time and space that they need to find the valuable, most interesting insights for organisational decision-making.

Companies simply must automate and innovate more than they do today; the decisions made regarding technology will be the difference between failure and success. These are no longer buzzwords. We must even look beyond the mantra of “faster, better, cheaper” and future-proof processes. Many of the companies who are up for the MRS Awards this year are doing just this – applying technology, creativity and overall excellence to a wide range of partnerships and projects.

We are looking forward to the online awards ceremony on 07 December. There is still time to register here.