Education, awareness, advocacy: Cint shares experiences for World Mental Health Day

Company Culture

Cint is committed to creating a culture where everyone can be successful, and promises to challenge stereotypes, fight bias and broaden perspectives through its company policies. Unfortunately, mental health challenges have carried a stigma for far too long, and it is well past time to start talking openly, supporting others and uncovering ways to help. That’s why we are drawing attention to World Mental Health Day, held each year on October 10, to assist in “raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilising efforts in support of mental health.”

This year has been tough for many people, and leaders in the mental health field are saying that the pandemic, lockdowns and other uncertainties are taking their toll. The World Health Organization found that 450 million people suffer from mental disorders, including depression, which it says is the “amoung the leading causes of disability worldwide.” Although there are many disorders that fall under the mental health and mental illness umbrella, another common one is stress, which the Global Organization for Stress found affects 75% of adults.

We asked some of our team members to share their own stories in an effort to destigmatise mental health challenges and provide hope for others who are suffering. Our Director of Client Development, Mike Klotz, wrote a LinkedIn post about his experience looking for a job last year, and its impact on his mental well-being. He provides some tips for others to help get them through hard times.

Our Director of Operations and Quality, Sonia Harouri, tells about her experiences being an ex-pat which came with feelings of loneliness and a sense of not belonging. She said, “After a time, I felt trapped in fortress of solitude. I knew something needed to change. So, I chose to do something I had never dared before…take traditional Japanese music lessons. Playing music scared me, but soon weeks became months, which in turn became three years. My music teacher teaches me much more than how to read and play Japanese music. She made my world brighter, richer and I learned a precious lesson: we are never alone, we either chose to close ourselves to the world around us or we chose to embrace it.”

Another team member, Cint’s marketing manager Veronica Burman, found solace through exercise and physical training. Her journey to grow her family was wrought with challenges and years of fertility treatments were not successful. She knew she needed to find an outlet for coping with the stress, anxiety and depression that comes from loss. She sought therapy from a fertility specialist, but also turned to exercise for help. She said, “I started out training for small, attainable goals to distract from the challenges around me. I completed six sprint triathlons, until my knees decided they didn’t like to run. I shifted my focus to competitive cycling, which has become a wonderful outlet that has challenged me both mentally, and physically.” She and her husband now hope to grow their family through adoption. She knows many people struggle with fertility issues and hopes her story will resonate with others. You can read more about their story here.

There are a wide range of mental health challenges that exist. Whether they be stress or depression from a specific situation, or a formal diagnosis of a mental illness, it is time to start talking openly and helping find solutions. Mental health is one of the most neglected health issues worldwide, and we want to help change the conversation. Together, we can help to destigmatise mental health and mental illness.