Independent study names Cint #1 supplier of accurate survey responses

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The 2024 elections in the United States, United Kingdom, and India are fast approaching. As pollsters aim to predict election outcomes, accuracy and reliability of polls are paramount. We’re proud to share that Cint, a global leader in market research, emerged as the leader in sample quality for online polls in a third-party study.  

Sapio Research, a UK market research agency, conducted the study to understand if online surveys are accurate. Sapio surveyed 2,036 UK consumers – representative by age and gender of the UK population – via three global sample providers. After the study was done, Sapio contacted Cint to inform us that we were the highest-performing provider of survey responses.   

Cint was found to have the highest percentage of quality sample 

Compared to the other suppliers of consumer sample, Cint had the highest percentage of good responses. Good sample responses were defined as respondents who were not speeders (respondents who complete the questionnaire in a short time frame), grid straight-liners (respondents who tick the same box for every option on a grid question), or contradictory (such as having 25+ years job experience and being in the 18-24 age bracket).   

Cint provides accuracy on political questions  

Additionally, Sapio asked respondents 1) which party they voted for in the 2019 UK general election and 2) whether they had received the COVID-19 vaccine. Their results were extremely close to the known election results and vaccination rates.  

Steps to ensure accuracy  

Sapio recommends that researchers ensure quality response by using a 3-step process: 

  1. Design premium questionnaires to meet your objectives 
  2. Choose the right panel supplier for your audience 
  3. Conduct response quality checks and replace data when needed 

Sapio Research is an award-winning, international full-service market research consultancy. You can read Sapio’s full report here.   

In light of these findings, Sapio drew two key conclusions: 1) Online polling can achieve high accuracy with the implementation of appropriate quality measures, and 2) Cint stands out with the highest-quality sample when compared to two other major sample providers. 


Pollsters and researchers who choose Cint for their 2024 election polls can benefit from the confidence that comes with relying on a proven industry leader. Contact us today to secure accurate and high-quality survey data. You can reach the Cint team at 


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