Digital ad measurement that works, even as Google eliminates third-party cookies


Many digital marketers are scrambling to find a way to operate in what will soon become a cookie-less future. Aggressive plans to phase out Google third-party cookies by 2022 provide several challenges to those using this technology to help target online audiences. Connect by Cint provides a solution to help companies navigate this new reality, including for Zappi’s ad and innovation testing platform, used to conduct consumer testing through all stages of advertising.

The platform, called Zappi Ad Pulse, helps brands, marketers and ad professionals determine the advertising campaign effectiveness of a campaign. Historically, it used cookies to find, retarget and gain feedback from individuals who had been exposed to an advertisement, website or other online content. The audience survey tool feeds questionnaires to the right people, providing actionable insights for Zappi clients.

Even as third-party cookies become a thing of the past, Zappi can still reach the right respondents through its partnership with Cint. Connect by Cint is designed specifically to connect digital interactions with real-time surveying, providing a new approach to ad tracking technology. With it, Zappi Ad Pulse can continue exploring audience segments in-depth and boosting advertising effectiveness, despite the fact that Google third-party cookies are phasing out.

In the complete case study about the partnership, the two approaches that Cint uses for identifying respondents are covered in depth. At a high level, Connect by Cint can identify appropriate participants (who have provided consent) in two ways: by using first-party cookies and tracking pixels OR by using cookieless tracking through a pixel that appends a Device ID or IP address.

In both of these efficient manners, Cint provides respondents for surveys, while Zappi hosts the survey and processes the collected data. By taking this approach Zappi has been able to continue providing its clients with insights based on important metrics such as demographic data, query string parameters and attitudinal data.

In the case study, Ernie Collings, Vice President, Ad and Brand Measurement, for Zappi, says it best: “In Cint, Zappi has the perfect partner to power its digital ad measurement solution, Zappi Ad Pulse. Cint’s technology and scale has enabled us to run cross media ad measurement across a number of digital platforms including CTV/OTT, In-app and browser media in a fully automated, frictionless and cost-effectiveness manor. Not only this, but Cint is future proofing its data collection to ensure we can operate in a cookieless world.”

For the complete case study, click here.