Something to be Proud of at Cint: Pride.

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June is Pride Month, when LGBTQ people around the world come together to promote acceptance, equality, freedom of expression and boost awareness surrounding their communities.

This year, there are many global issues and challenges overshadowing the usual vibrancy and colour of Pride Month, but it is a celebration that should not be overlooked or forgotten.

But what do Pride and market research have in common?

The business of market research hinges on studying a subset of a population – or a sample – to gain a deep understanding of actions, emotions and motivations. These insights are then used make decisions.

It might be that the majority of the market research sample have similar characteristics, but a group is made up of individuals that must be heard, understood and represented in any decision that is made based on the data. This means that the market research sample must be representative of the entire population or the outcomes become unfair, biased and unpopular.

Similarly, Pride is an important event to highlight the importance of equality and designed to ensure that LGBTQ communities are taken into account as an important subset of society when it comes to decision making. Just as it is important to focus on inclusion and representative data in the business of market research, at Cint, we firmly and unapologetically believe that individual voices matter enormously in understanding and building the bigger picture.

As a company working in the market research sample space we are committed to transforming the insights industry’s diversity. We know we can make a significant impact on outcomes not only by ensuring that our research projects have diverse sample, but also through organisational level initiatives such as recruitment, corporate social responsibility and internal culture. As individuals, we can each make a commitment to champion equality and inclusion.

And so we use strong social themes such as Pride, Women’s International Day and Mental Illness to drive the concept of equality to all our employees around the world.

What have we done so far?

Our Swedish heritage has played a big part in molding our company to be one that is built on equality since day one. Our Equality Charter provides guidance for our team and our actions as a company when it comes to these important issues. It guides our overall business approach and we are working with our human resources team on establishing a Diversity Council, which will have representation from employees based on gender, race, sexual orientation and disability.

We have made strides with gender equality, and over 45% of Cint’s leadership roles are held by women. We also work hard to ensure employees feel welcome and valued: this was a central focus when we came together with P2Sample last year and the during relaunch of our brand in February.

Our dedicated #Thank_You Slack channel – used by employees to thank a colleague or a team at work who has lived the company values of Accountability, Collaboration and Innovation – has broken boundaries across departments and hierarchies as people started to include themselves in conversations and show their appreciation to each other publicly.

The launch of our social endorsement themes earlier this year, focusing on Accelerating Equality (International Women’s Day and Pride) and Accelerating Wellbeing (Mental Health Week, Movember and Pink Ribbon) were well-received initiatives and united our teams.

Significance in the global ecosystem

As a company working in the market research panel space, we also recognise that we are in the business of connecting people. Every second of the day thousands of clients employing millions of people seek greater understanding of what drives us, how we think and feel and what we do. Likewise, every second of the day millions of people find their voices to express their opinions and tell their personal stories. Each connection we broker between client and respondent becomes an opportunity to share, one we achieve at a massive scale.

It is in this context that our team celebrates Pride Month, which has taken on special meaning in a time when the globe has recently come together to defeat a common foe to humanity that has blurred borders, communities and segments of people. Even as we all fight COVID-19, and its ensuing fallout, there is still room to honour this important celebration.

And yet another layer of importance has been added to the conversation recently, as the #BlackLivesMatter movement sweeps around the globe – a collective call for justice and equal rights. In truth, Pride Month gatherings are “rooted in the arduous history of minority groups who have struggled for decades to overcome prejudice and be accepted for who they are.” We are fighting a common battle for justice, and each of us must direct our behaviour to contribute to a better world.

Celebrating Pride

Pride Month epitomises the aspiration for this freedom and is generally honored in a variety of colourful ways. While there may not be as many parades and marches this year, there are other creative ways to recognise the influence that LGBTQ people have had around the world.

Our team has developed a series of fun, bright and colorful Pride-themed Zoom Virtual backgrounds for everyone at Cint to use during their internal and external meetings to help them celebrate equality. Best of all is the internal Pride Month Bake Off Contest. Anything edible goes, as long as it’s rainbow themed! Our CEO, Tom Buehlmann, will take on judging duties and pick a winner. Follow our social channels to keep track of some of these fun #WeAreCint activities.

We are glad to join in the conversation in a few fun ways to celebrate our shared humanity and to promote the accomplishments of LGBTQ people. Cint is committed to creating a culture where everyone can be successful, and promises to challenge stereotypes, fight bias and broaden perspectives through its company policies.

We at Cint celebrate diversity, equality and most of all humanity, not just in the month of June for Pride, but every single day of the year.