Revolutionizing the Cint experience: A glimpse into the future

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New Cint Platform Series

As part of our ongoing series around our development of the new Cint platform, we present our latest update from the heart of innovation at Cint. 

Our first video in our new interview series is with Jonathan Jaynes, Senior Director of Product Design, Cint, who shares an insider’s perspective on the groundbreaking developments underway.  

The focus? A brand-new UI and end-user experience that is set to redefine how we interact with the Cint platform. Read on about our journey as we dive into the details of what’s to come. 

The strive to innovate 

As the visionary lead behind the Senior Product Design team at Cint, Jonathan spills the beans on the team’s current venture – crafting a revolutionary user interface that represents the next phase for Cint.  

It’s not just a run-of-the-mill update; it’s a big leap into a realm of heavy innovation and best in class user experience. 

One of the primary goals outlined by Jonathan is to ensure that the new UI is truly global.  

This means breaking down borders within the platform, making it accessible and localized for users across the world.  

Language barriers and geographical distances won’t be obstacles anymore. The focus is on creating an inclusive environment where users, regardless of their location, can seamlessly achieve their goals. 

Three pillars for success 

Efficiency and simplicity 

When driving down on the needs of users, the team has honed in on two crucial aspects – efficiency and simplicity.  

The objective is clear: reduce the number of clicks and eliminate unnecessary context switching within the UI. The redesigned workflows are simpler, more direct, and empower users to accomplish their goals swiftly. 

Personalization and customization 

The second pillar of focus is personalization and customization.  

Instead of forcing users to adapt to a predefined framework, the new UI will adapt to the users’ preferences and working styles.  

Automation will be the default setting, with the option for manual override when needed. The team promises helpful suggestions to guide users through the interface efficiently, ensuring a tailored experience. 

A delightful experience 

The last pillar is perhaps the most appealing – building a delightful user experience.  

The team is committed to creating a sophisticated, detail-oriented experience that is smoother and faster across all devices.  

The goal is to exceed expectations, resulting in less frustration, rework, and clicks for users. Jonathan emphasizes a higher project fill rate, promising a user experience that will feel instinctive and enticing to the user. 

What next? 

As a prelude to the launch, users are encouraged to participate in our beta program, offering an exclusive opportunity to engage with a firsthand experience with the game-changing developments.  

The focus remains on being global, efficient, and providing a delightful user experience that meets and exceeds user expectations. 

With less clicking, less time spent, and a commitment to delivering a remarkable and intuitive interface, we are gearing up to transform the way you engage with the Cint platform. Jonathan’s enthusiasm is contagious, and we hope you are equally excited to experience the future of Cint with us.