Using Surveys as a Creative Way to Engage Loyalty Program Members

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Changes in loyalty program user behaviours

In recent years, low engagement has become a prevalent issue amongst loyalty programs. This is likely because consumers are spending a large portion of their time online and are heavily occupied with apps, games, and other types of media. That means many loyalty programs need new, more creative ways to compete for consumers’ time and keep them engaged with their brand. Online surveys have quickly become a popular solution to this challenge.

The survey sampling industry has seen tremendous adoption and growth over the last several years. Lucid, a programmatic technology platform for online research and insights, connects buyers and suppliers of survey respondents. In fact, the Lucid Marketplace currently provides over 350 online communities (“suppliers”) with the opportunity to increase user engagement. With the emergence of platforms like Lucid, many businesses have found that consistent survey opportunities help to engage their users while offering a new stream of revenue.

Using surveys to combat low user engagement

Marketplace suppliers, such as loyalty programs, use Lucid to increase engagement within their user base. Using API technology, suppliers can select the surveys that are sent to their users, ensuring a positive experience for each member who participates in a study. Additionally, because each individual respondent is compensated for completing a survey, they are likely to continue participating in surveys.

A great example is Rewardia, one of Australia’s top online shopping sites. Their company discovered that online surveys on Lucid’s Marketplace could provide an unexpected revenue stream. By including online surveys within their product offering, Rewardia was able to enhance their user experience and to date has over 200,000 survey-completes. You can read the case study here.

Loyalty programs are seeing strong results

With increased engagement from online surveys, many companies have optimised this solution even further. These suppliers have managed to strengthen their customer loyalty by providing survey rewards which encourage members to reinvest in the company’s offerings. This creative approach has seen members with a low consumer buying power increase their engagement and ability to purchase goods. Plus, suppliers retain total ownership and control over their platform, so they can decide on the reward that is best suited for their members.

As online audiences continue to become more engrossed in various types of media, we recommended exploring online surveys as a creative way to engage loyalty program members. Surveys not only help to increase engagement, but they also provide paid opportunities for everyone involved. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, you can learn more HERE.