What does Marmite Peanut Butter tell us about the importance of gauging consumer reaction?

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Marmite’s unveiling of Marmite Peanut Butter was sure to make a stir. This is a brand which recognises the importance of audience insights, so its latest move was clearly not just a wild stab in the dark. The brand gathered data and insights about how consumers view its iconic spread in order to inform this important launch.

Marmite knew that many consumers were already fans of combining its product with peanut butter, and that others try out a huge variety of unique, and often surprising, flavour combinations at home with the product.

Cubery’s recent analysis of the Marmite Peanut Butter innovation was geared toward establishing consumer reaction and, ultimately, increased sales. The company tapped into Cint’s sample exchange to collect high-quality data from respondents in the UK.

The company took what it calls a “three Cs” approach, examining whether or not the new product innovation and its communication Captivates, Connects and Compels. Cubery believes that this approach can help steer marketers in the right direction when it comes to campaign ideas.

It almost goes without saying that Marmite Peanut Butter elicited an intense emotional response when it first appeared. This was a reaction fitting for a brand which has become famous for an often irreverent approach to its communications.

The fact that Marmite doesn’t shy away from controversy meant that while not everyone responded favourably to the proposed new flavour combination, the end goal of driving sharing and conversation was achieved, and the brand was not harmed.

By using highly engaged sample from Cint, Cubery was able to collect the data to show that this willingness to take risks actually helped to reinforce Marmite’s “modern” and “progressive” reputation, whilst remaining consistent with its “long-standing heritage.”

Cubery’s research also showed that almost everyone views the brand as ‘trustworthy’, as the brand is unashamedly itself at all times – and even when sharing the stage with another spread. Many brands can’t claim to have such a passionate fanbase as Marmite, so those keen to try unusual new product ideas are wise to take a data-driven approach and monitor reactions carefully.

Understanding and measuring consumer reactions with effective digital techniques can also help to advise future outreach, via incremental learnings. Fortunately, using real-time audience insights, brands can create the right messaging and delivery vehicles to achieve their desired results, whatever these may be.

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