WIRe Webinar this week: Accelerating careers in market research (even in times of crisis)

Thought Leadership

Many of us are experiencing our day-to-day jobs in wholly different ways right now and, for many, career paths may have been temporarily interrupted or changed.  Our upcoming webinar with Women in Research (WIRE) on Thursday, April 16 at 1 p.m. EDT will give a thoughtful discussion on careers in market research from multiple viewpoints.  

Moderated by experienced market researcher, Katie Gross – Cint’s SVP of Sales and Customer Success for the Americas – the session will include commentary from two different viewpoints.  Samantha Maske, Product Consultant for Cint, and a “next-gen” market researcher will share her outlook as a relative newcomer to the industry, while our VP of Sales Operations for EMEA  Jane Attale will provide the perspective of someone who has seen the ups and downs of the industry for nearly 15 years.  

The Webinar, called “Accelerating Careers in Market Research” will help attendees understand the challenges and opportunities available for forging a career in the industry, even in the face of today’s global situation. Despite disruptions to nearly every sector on a worldwide scale due to the pandemic, we can still think about how to tackle both immediate and persistent concerns when it comes to finding our professional path in the industry. 

The panelists will discuss some ongoing challenges that market researchers face, including being part of an industry that has essentially “forgotten to keep its profile up to date with modern times. This perception means that many newer generations do not feel like market research is ‘sexy’ enough give them the best future career or growth potential. Yet, we need new, fresh ideas and methods from this population to keep our industry moving forward.  

Equally, if you look at the current market research workforce from within the industry, there seems to be a subtle divide emerging: the ‘traditional’ vs ‘digital’ market researcher segments. The main difference between these segments seems to be their hierarchical skillsets.  We will examine this question, outlining a few of the fundamental skills that researchers will need to advance their careers, or enter the industry, in light of this reality.  

The Webinar will explore how we can re-build the image of the Market Research sector (both externally and internally) to be able to attract and grow the right talent which will help take the industry forward. We will also provide some practical advice on how to stay motivated and looking ahead during the extraordinary situation in which we find ourselves during the current pandemic.  

Watch the full recording of the webinar here.