Case Study: How TripleLift attributed a 4x increase of their brand lift measurement product by partnering with Cint

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Andrea Ravikumar is an Associate Research Director at Triplelift, a programmatic advertising platform on a mission to elevate digital advertising through beautiful creative, quality publishers, actionable data and smart targeting.

In 2021, due to an increase in demand for brand measurement requests from clients, Andrea and the team were keen to scale the company’s research capabilities and began looking for the right partner who could support their brand measurement offerings and increase overall efficiency for studies.


TripleLift was looking to provide actionable insights and recommendations to their clients to optimize and validate their campaign performance. They needed a reliable brand lift study partner, at an efficient price,who could execute studies in a custom manner to fit the needs of a supply side platform (SSP).


Cint’s solutions provided proven metrics through high-quality and trustworthy data and insights. These were used for campaign wraps, case studies, marketing collateral and more, which helped to demonstrate TripleLift’s value to their clients and the industry overall.


1.Customizable solutions

The custom piece was key for TripleLift. As the nature of their business was more complex, they needed the flexibility to strategically adapt insights across various avenues throughout their business, which Cint enabled them to do. This included custom sample recruitment, simple setup processes and an easy-to-use dashboard for each study.


Secondly, transparency was crucial as with such studies, as things can sometimes not go to plan during setup. Cint’s customer support team kept up timely communication and rapport on the progress of the projects and provided solutions to quickly remedy anything that went wrong along the way.


From the period between 2022 to 2023, TripleLift attributed an increase of 4x in usage of their brand lift measurement product. This success stemmed from working closely with Cint’s project managers and being able to quantify success to the clients through personalized results and recommendations. Additionally, the proven metrics from the studies in partnership with Cint were linked to millions of dollars in revenue for Triplelift in 2023.

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