Case Study: Paramount Australia and New Zealand

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Paramount Australia & New Zealand stands as an entertainment powerhouse, fueled by its premium content and an iconic array of brands and shows.

Their guaranteed pipeline of global and local content, coupled with their expansive and unique distribution network, spanning free-to-air, BVOD, SVOD, and AVOD with FAST, provides brands an unparalleled platform to craft holistic, insight-driven marketing strategies designed to generate significant and meaningful outcomes.

Challenge and solution

As an innovator in the world of connected TV, Paramount ANZ sought to demonstrate the power of a premium content environment coupled with a data informed premium ad experience in delivering superior advertiser outcomes.

Recognizing that effective marketing is built on understanding what drives results, Paramount evolved their measurement suite in 2023.

Cint, an equally minded progressive business understood the importance of validating outcomes back to more meaningful measures such as brand KPIs. 

The partnership leveraged the strength of Cint’s Lucid Impact Measurement online research platform and the agility of the offering to provide tangible proof points highlighting Paramount’s Power Play. 


Paramount ANZ has utilized the Lucid Impact Measurement platform to support and justify premium solutions, shifting the focus from cost to value, with the ability to measure the efficacy of new formats and innovations made available through the Paramount ecosystem. 

Utilizing Paramount’s Dynamic Video format, which dynamically updates creative fueled by data triggers such as time of day, day of week, weather, and location to deliver highly-relevant, personalised video messaging to consumers in premium content environments.

Paramount ANZ utilized Lucid Impact Measurement to measure Dynamic Video campaigns in the international sensation MasterChef Australia.

Working with several brands including Perfection Fresh and Somat, Paramount Australia undertook comprehensive and independent brand lift studies via Lucid Impact Measurement, in partnership with KERV Interactive.

This study undeniably proved that a premium content environment coupled with premium ad experience delivers superior brand uplift across all brand KPIs superseding both global and local benchmarks.

The studies showed that Dynamic Video campaigns drive significant uplifts in all brand metrics, with an average 22% uplift in ad recall and an average 14% increase in brand awareness (with even higher results for challenger brands, upwards of 19%).

In addition, the study results showcased how Dynamic Video lifts consideration with an avg 23.6% uplift overall, with some brands seeing upwards of 39% uplift.

Dynamic Video also clearly influenced consumer decisions, disrupting habitual purchase decisions with an avg 8% uplift in purchase intent with results upwards of 50% uplift for some product categories

Future partnership

Paramount Brand Lift Study in partnership with Cint was announced at Paramount ANZ’s 2024 Upfronts, making the Lucid Impact Measurement brand lift insights model available to all 10 Play advertisers, regardless of their creative or targeting mix.

As Paramount ANZ enjoys another blockbuster season of MasterChef Australia, they are doubling down on their record of innovation with a host of household brands across a wide array of verticals including CPG, consumer electronics, home and garden, and more.

Cint is proud to be a part of Paramount ANZ’s winning recipe for brand lift.

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