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Cint is an asset for polling and social research 

With the ever-changing political climate, both in the US and globally, finding a reliable sample provider is vital to political and social research. For many years, the Cint team has worked with researchers of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines – yet people are often surprised to learn about our robust political research applications.  

In fact, we have partnered with forward-minded researchers who are tackling some of the most interesting questions and research undertakings in the political space, as well as pollsters and political firms. 

Nationscape was fielded by Lucid (a Cint Group company) 

A notable example is the Nationscape survey, fielded by Lucid (a Cint Group company) for the 2020 presidential election cycle. Lucid partnered with UCLA and  Democracy Fund to tackle the exciting challenge of fielding one of the largest public opinion surveys ever conducted, with 500,000 interviews over 16 months – that’s half a million interviews. 

Our area of expertise is respondent procurement, and the team was delighted to work with UCLA and the Democracy Fund on a poll for the 2020 Election Cycle. This partnership allowed the team to focus on what we do best, and it allowed the UCLA and Democracy Fund teams to focus on what they do best – research design, methodology, and analytics. 

Lucid’s partnership with UCLA and Democracy Fund allowed for a richer understanding of the populous during this election cycle and provided answers to questions beyond “who is most likely to be elected” – it uncovered the “why” as well, which is more important as it gives insight to what drives election decisions. 

Cint also enables political ad campaign measurement 

In addition to polling capabilities, Cint offers solutions like Impact Measurement, which allows political agencies to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns.  

For example, a political agency was contracted by a 2020 primary presidential candidate to help reach the right voters with the right message and ad placement. To understand consumers’ attitudes about the presidential candidate, the agency needed to know how effective their campaign was at driving KPIs such as electability and voter intent. This, in turn, provided them with a more holistic understanding of their campaign performance. 

Using Lucid (a Cint Group Company), they were able to run a test brand lift study for the national campaign they were running on their candidate. Read the case study here  

Lucid and Cint’s technologies create more opportunities for political research 

With Lucid and Cint coming together, we have even more scalable insight solutions that bring immense value to our users. Having empowered hundreds of political researchers, we’ve found that you can gain far more insights than you think by embracing technology. 

Cint provides researchers with unparalleled speed, scale, and control in respondent procurement and enabling research that has been previously rendered impossible. 

What could you accomplish if you approached your research goals with that mindset?  Contact our team to learn more about leveraging Cint’s solutions for your next political research study or ad campaign!