Holler Uses Lucid Impact Measurement to Measure Awareness of Branded Media On Mobile Payment App

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As a Conversational Media company, Holler is focused on the creation and delivery of content that helps peer-to-peer messages be more engaging and effective. Holler’s services are centered around SDKs that can be embedded into apps to provide users with engaging branded content.

“Conversational Media is a new area of media that sits within people’s conversations,” explained Sarah Chaten Senior Director, Advertising Measurement and Strategy at Holler. “When you’re using a mobile payment app to pay somebody, and you type in ‘pizza,’ you’ll see a series of animated in-app stickers to choose from – that’s the media we create.”

Holler’s stickers are not overtly branded. Instead, Conversational Media is about strategically aligning brands with relevant moments, such as baby showers, going out for drinks, grabbing coffee, etc.; the goal is to create fun and engaging content that happens to be branded but is also useful to the consumer.

This type of media is optimal for top-of-funnel metrics such as brand awareness, consideration, and ad recall. And although Holler has an in-house team of experts creating content, they needed a partner to help them measure its success.


“Holler’s media is 100% about the context of the transaction, so we knew we needed a measurement partner to help validate our efforts,” said Chaten.

Because Conversational Media is new to the market, Holler wanted a measurement partner that had the flexibility to measure different aspects of their media, identifying KPIs and metrics for Holler to track. They selected Lucid’s Impact Measurement product.

“We’re doing tons of internal research to create a new set of ad metrics that are specific to Conversational Media,” said Chaten. “Lucid is a valuable resource that complements our research.”


With access to Impact Measurement’s user dashboard, Holler can see results in real-time. Plus, the ability to toggle between features that align with a brand’s confidence level has been helpful for their team.

“I find the Impact Measurement dashboard to be very comprehensive,” said Chaten. “I like that I don’t have to test every single question. I also like the toggle feature, which is different from other platforms.”


Impact Measurement has been a key factor in Holler identifying some key first-party metrics – specifically, a “share” metric – within the mobile payment app. Using these new data points has informed Holler’s strategy.

“For example, a Lucid study will show us if there isn’t a lift in message awareness,” Chaten explained. “So, it’s helping to change the conversations we have with advertisers. Now we can say, ‘This particular piece of content is not driving message awareness, but we do see a strong share rate.’ Lucid’s data helps us to diagnose and change our strategy.”

As Conversational Media continues to expand, Holler is moving into new verticals. They have worked with many beverage/alcohol brands – including some of the world’s leading coffee and beer companies, as well as, QSR, CPG, retail and jewelry brands. The results have been largely positive.

“As I filter through the data, I can see that we are making an impact, especially in higher-funnel brand awareness. The learnings from Lucid’s Impact Measurement really help to enhance our creative and media strategy.”

“We’re doing tons of internal research to create a new set of ad metrics that are specific to Conversational Media, Lucid is a valuable resource for that.”