Qortex AI leverages Lucid Impact Measurement to measure the success of a disruptor protein brand’s video advertising campaign

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The Players

Qortex AI (formerly CatapultX)

Qortex AI is the pioneer of on-stream, automated in-video ad experiences. Through their proprietary “AI engine,” they can identify moments in a video including actions, events, feelings, and products to make the best match between the brands messaging and the content of the video, instantly.

The brand

A widely distributed protein and supplement brand, aiming to be a disruptor within the competitive market by reaching health-conscious consumers.

The brand’s advertising agency

Tasked with creating innovative and effective marketing strategies for the protein brand.


Provides attitudinal brand lift studies by using its programmatic survey platform to ensure brands, agencies, partners, and platforms have actionable insights to make real-time campaign optimizations.
Lucid was acquired by Cint in December 2021.


The wellness market is crowded and competitive. Standing out takes a diverse set of tactics, especially since consumers are difficult to reach. The protein brand contacted their agency to help increase brand awareness among their target audience with an overall budget well below the competition. The agency tapped multiple partners including Qortex AI, the pioneers of On-Stream, to reach the protein brand’s target audience of active nutrition customers. To ensure Qortex AI’s impact was known, the team determined they needed to measure the lift in brand awareness with a brand lift study from Cint.

The agency needed more granular insights based on specific data cuts, including those from Qortex AI’s proprietary “moments” targeting, at the ad placement level, so they could highlight the value of their ad placements within video for their client.


Qortex AI’s CEO set out to find a brand lift partner that provided actionable insights, transparency, fast results, as well as best-in-class service, and that could quantify the impact of specific moments for the campaign. Qortex AI engaged with Cint, to provide an attitudinal brand lift study using their survey-based media measurement product, Lucid Impact Measurement.

Lucid Impact Measurement’s technology surveyed both people exposed and unexposed to the protein brand’s advertising campaign to measure attitudinal changes among the groups in relation to brand awareness. The survey results and proprietary brand lift metrics refreshed daily in the always-on dashboard with the ability to drill into results by KPI, audience demographics, site, placement, and frequency of exposure. Qortex AI elected to add three target audience filters during study setup.


Elements like topics, actions, events, feelings, products, people, and categorical interests can be targeted within video content using Qortex AI’s on-stream advertising and proprietary AI. Lucid Impact Measurement allowed Qortex AI to demonstrate the effectiveness of its moment-level targeting and quantified the impact of three major brand-building moments in-video for the protein brand: Pilates, specific NFL athletes, and displays of healthy foods which drove significant increases in brand awareness.

Intuitive and transparent data visualizations in Lucid Impact Measurement made it easy to prove the value of these tactics to the agency and highlight what drove the lift performance across KPIs on the campaign. And although the primary KPI was brand awareness, they were also able to see results for secondary KPIs including Ad Recall, Purchase Intent, Consideration, and Favorability.

Lucid Impact Measurement benchmarks showed the clients that Qortex AI’s interactive ad units in video delivered above average campaign performance, and Qortex AI’s network organically reached the target audience to build brand awareness for the protein brand within the moments that matter.

With these insights, the Qortex AI team was able to take a, proven, data-informed approach in recommending new creatives and adjustments to inventory, adding new partners, while the campaign was running, to deliver better results.

Cint’s team helped us provide the proof of the effectiveness of on-stream, in-video ad experiences with Lucid Impact Measurement. The team had a very consultative approach, which allowed us to build a compelling narrative for the client and ultimately make them look like heroes.


Qortex AI leveraged insights from Lucid Impact Measurement to show that their campaign had a positive impact on brand awareness (and secondary KPIs) for the protein brand’s target audience. The results were uniquely strong and statistically significant – Brand Awareness (+32.9%), Brand Consideration (+34.7%), Ad Recall (+17.4%), Brand Favorability (+16.3%), and Purchase intent (+30.3%).

Against the general population – Qortex AI drove 2.5% increase in brand awareness

And against moments that Qortex AI is uniquely able to identify in the videos & serve the brand’s ads – they saw strong lifts in KPIs for the target audience DURING those moments.

  • 32.9% Brand Awareness among the target audience when the ad was seen multiple times.
  • Exercise 5+ hours per week: Brand Awareness +2.2%
  • Health Related Issues: Brand consideration 1.6%
  • Exercise Less than 5 hours per week: Brand Awareness +2.1%

In addition, filtering by demographic gave them additional insights to share with the protein brand:

  • Household income (HHI) of $50K-75K saw lifts across all KPIs – Brand Awareness (+9.7%), Brand   Consideration (+4.7%), Ad Recall (+3%), Brand Favorability (+9.2%), and Purchase intent (+5.7%).
  • Multicultural audiences: Brand Awareness saw a 12.1% lift
  • Adults aged 45-54 had a 7.9% lift in Brand Awareness

Real-time insights from Lucid Impact Measurement gave Qortex AI an impactful, data-informed case to present to the protein brand for expanding budget based on their results.