What is a brand lift study?

Media Measurement

Brand lift studies help you measure the impact of your advertising campaign on your brand. There are several ways to measure brand lift and identify successful elements of your ad campaign.

What is brand lift?

Brand lift refers to an increase in user interaction with your brand due to an advertising campaign. Brand lift does not necessarily translate into an immediate sale, but it does indicate a positive shift in user engagement with your brand. Marketers and advertisers quantify a brand lift with numerous metrics, such as brand awareness, brand perception and intent to purchase.

How to measure brand lift

Brand lift can be measured in a few different ways:

Primary market research

Primary market research includes data gathered from surveys, interviews and focus groups. This type of research usually focuses on brand awareness, brand perception, brand recall, brand favorability and intent to purchase.

Participants are typically asked questions about the brand and its product category. Their answers to these questions help your company determine which factors are driving brand lift, allowing you to shift focus to those areas.

Quantitative metrics

You can use quantitative metrics to get before and after views of your brand performance. Start by identifying the specific brand lift benchmarks and their associated metrics. Measure those metrics before and after your advertising campaign to identify changes that indicate brand lift, such as attracting new followers or customers.

Brand buzz

The more people are talking about your brand, the better. You can use various tools to monitor what’s said about your brand on the web and social media to detect brand lift. These insights can help you determine if there are more conversations about your brand and if there’s been any shift in brand perception.

Surveying for brand lift

Surveying for brand lift is a highly flexible option. You can create multiple surveys with different KPIs, which can be shown to participants at different times to gain as much data as possible. You can also ask very specific questions to gain actionable insights.

Brand lift surveys typically use two sample groups — one with respondents who have seen your ad and one control group that has not. By comparing the two groups’ responses, you can determine your ad’s effect on your key brand metrics.

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