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The Real Marketing Strategy: Aligning with Consumers’ Shifting Perspectives

In the current complicated political and social climate, with the addition of viral boycotting and “cancel culture,” consumers’ perspectives on the world are constantly changing. Every day, consumers are faced with new information that forces them to consider the interests, alliances, and causes that matter most to them. And opinions change quickly these days – often at the drop of a dime.

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What Is CTV and Linear TV Advertising?

If you are considering advertising on television, you need to understand the difference between linear TV and connected TV advertising. Each advertising type has vital differences and unique benefits that you should consider to choose the method that best aligns with your campaign goals.

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How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising is one of the main ways companies generate business. An effective advertising campaign can attract new customers, improve brand perception and increase sales. Measuring advertising effectiveness helps you understand the impact and reach of your campaign, allowing you to find the optimal amount of exposure and determine what is and isn’t working about your advertising strategies.

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