Unwrapping the festive magic with CintSnap: A look into consumer feelings around Christmas ads

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The holiday season is a time filled with twinkling lights and cozy evenings in around the television, and the reveal of Christmas ads have become embedded as part of the tradition for many. The eagerly anticipated commercials that often feature celebrities and touching narratives have become a focal talking point for viewers and a way to relish the spirit of the season.  

Utilizing CintSnap – Cint’s own intelligent data insights gathering platform – our most recent survey takes a festive peek into the sentiments the UK public to unveil their thoughts on this year’s Christmas ads. Join us in unwrapping the findings and discovering what makes these ads a seasonal staple for UK consumers. 

Christmas ads: A love affair 

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (ads)” – and, as it turns out, a significant majority of UK consumers couldn’t be more excited to turn on their tellies to watch the heart-warming, and often tear-jerking commercials that brands have put together.  

Our survey revealed that a whopping 65% of respondents love Christmas ads and eagerly anticipate them every year. The festive commercials have become an integral part of the holiday experience, spreading joy, and setting the mood for the celebratory season. 

Influence on shopping habits 

Beyond its ability to entertain, Christmas ads also wield considerable influence over shopping habits. A substantial 54% of respondents admitted that their shopping habits are somewhat likely or highly likely to be influenced by these adverts.  

The magic of storytelling in commercials extends beyond the screen, guiding consumers with their holiday purchases. 

Spotlight on Christmas ad favorites 

As the battle of the Christmas ads unfolds, our survey found that nearly half of respondents have seen the much-anticipated John Lewis and Marks and Spencer Christmas adverts already. Hot on their heels are supermarket giants Aldi, Asda, Lidl, and Sainsbury’s, with their creative offerings successfully capturing consumer attention.  

The 2023 John Lewis Christmas ad, which unexpectedly has a carnivorous Venus flytrap tugging at our heart strings, emerged as the favorite for a third of the surveyed individuals, solidifying its position as the nations most beloved contender. 

Celebrity appearances: A sprinkle of star power  

Christmas and celebrities are a recipe for a starry-eyed, feel-good experience. Does the inclusion of famous faces enhance the allure of Christmas ads?  

According to our findings, 44% of respondents confessed that seeing a celebrity in an ad makes them at least more inclined to watch.  

On the flip side, 45% of participants felt that celebrity appearances played no significant role in their viewing decisions.  

Standing out from the flurry of festive celebrity faces is Michael Bublé, the crooner graces Asda’s Christmas ad this year as the supermarkets Chief Quality Officer. An impressive 64% of respondents recognized the charming singer, making him the most widely acknowledged celebrity in the 2023 Christmas ads. Pop the bublés – it’s a festive win for Asda!  

Shifting sentiments  

Despite the draw of sparkly ads, consumers are becoming more aware of the spend involved amidst our economic climate.  

Iceland’s decision to scrap their Christmas ad in favor of supporting their customers with the cost-of-living crisis, brought about healthy conversation and our poll revealed that a resounding majority (65%) would rather supermarkets spend ad money elsewhere instead, with 25% of respondents having no opinion and a minority 10% not agreeable to the idea.  

Despite this, we continue to immerse ourselves in the world of Christmas ads, and the survey results capture a genuine love and excitement among UK consumers for festive commercials.  

The holiday season on the small screen has undeniably been a long running and integral part of the festive tradition, with its ability to influence shopping decisions and build on the anticipation. Afterall, ’tis the season to be jolly – and savoring the magic of Christmas ads has become part of the charm. 

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