Cint powers Frost and Sullivan market research report on Asia-Pacific consumer behaviour

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Frost and Sullivan, a leading market research and growth consulting firm, has recently released its new report “Thriving in a New Norm in Asia-Pacific: Insights and Opportunities.” The report, conducted in partnership with Cint, covers prevailing themes from the region, including the impact of the pandemic on work environments, healthcare, travel, mobility, technology, ecommerce, spending and social issues.

For the study, the firm focused specifically on consumer behaviour changes from respondents in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Thailand, and Japan using Cint’s platform. Our Insight Exchange is the world’s largest sample exchange that connects companies like Frost and Sullivan to the most engaged relevant and ‘real’ sample at scale in more than 150 countries. They were able to tap into our diverse and comprehensive audiences in their target countries, quickly and easily, in order to uncover important regional data.

Thriving in a New Norm in Asia-Pacific: Insights and Opportunities” explores data surrounding expected changes in end-consumer behaviours, their preferences and purchase intentions post Covid-19. Designed to help businesses revitalise in the wake of COVID-19, the findings shed light on key issues such as:

  • Ongoing plans for working from home, with findings showing that at least four out of 10 are finding it necessary to go into the office most of the time
  • Concerns surround healthcare needs, including an examination of the increase in digital / telehealth adoption and rising interest in immunity support and preventive care
  • Plans for both vacation and business travel, including the impact of lockdowns, closed borders and travel restrictions plus expectations for future safety measures
  • Mobility and transportation preferences which show that more than half of consumers will continue to use “e-hailing services” like Uber and Lyft
  • Shifts in attitudes surrounding technology and devices, such as their role in connectivity and “easing human interactions” in a reality where face-to-face is not as possible
  • The widespread social impact of the pandemic, including data on lifestyle changes, mental health, volunteerism, hobbies, family time and feelings about finances
  • Redirection of spending toward health and personal care, and away from things like eating out, with data about the impact of economic uncertainty on overall spending habits

While consumer behaviour has changed all around the globe, it is important to understand the nuances of these changes on a more granular level for companies operating in specific regions. Frost and Sullivan’s new report, powered by Cint’s market research technology platform, helps to dispel a bit of the inherent uncertainty of these times and give organisations solid data for decision-making in the APAC region.

The full report can be found here.

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