Cint releases paper on how connected data can boost consumer understanding

Connected Data
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How can you gain holistic consumer understanding in today’s ecosystem? Connected data! With data coming in from so many directions, this concept can be a steep proposition for some. Luckily, Cint’s Chief Innovation Officer, Oscar Carlsson, shares his knowledge and experience on the various ways that connected data can unlock contextual understanding of your brand’s target audiences in our newest white paper: Connecting the data dots to eliminate your consumer blind spots.

Oscar says: “In today’s digital landscape, people are leaving vast amounts of data in their wake but, for brands, it is often fragmented and inaccessible due to various regulations, trends and challenges in the MarTech landscape. In this paper, I’ve written about ways that organizations can get a more complete audience view by connecting various data streams together in a scalable, repeatable and compliant way. With the right approach, and technology, brands can future-proof their approach to holistic consumer insights.”

Connecting the data dots to eliminate your consumer blind spots takes a down-to-earth approach to a complex subject that is critical for the future success of any brand. Using specific use cases that take today’s challenges into consideration, the paper:

  • Uncovers what connected data means now and for the future of consumer intelligence;
  • Examines new and existing marketplace trends that are creating challenges for connecting the data dots;
  • Explores use cases of companies that are connecting data for ad measurement, survey data enrichment, audience segmentation and more; and
  • Reveals practical ways to connect data for greater understanding in today’s complex consumer landscape.

If you want to learn more about how to accomplish a sophisticated connected data strategy for greater understanding and better decision making, then download a copy of the paper today:

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