Thanks for the memories, Quirk’s Brooklyn!


The highlight of our time at Quirk’s Brooklyn was showing off our new brand, colours and graphics in our booth. We received continued positive feedback from attendees on the look and feel, along with our new message about helping the digital transformation of the industry. Because many industry insiders are familiar with both P2Sample and Cint, we had an opportunity to talk with them about the merger and our strength as one solid, global team committed to accelerating insights.

We spoke with many people who were looking for hard-to-reach targets when it comes to sample. With the consolidation of the industry, some are finding this to be increasingly difficult. Cint has an advantage here with our unique combination of open, proprietary and private exchanges with any third-party panels. In addition, we offer the world’s largest sample exchange platform that connects sample buyers to millions of panellists across the world so they can access the most engaged relevant and ‘real’ sample at scale.

On a positive note, many firms are hiring, just like us. This is great news for our industry as a whole! We spoke with multiple people at the conference who were looking to grow their teams, specifically searching for quality salespeople. We are seeking people for a variety of positions around the globe – you can see our job listings here:

Overall, the conference was a great success. We had decent spring weather in Brooklyn, which we enjoyed in some of the downtime. Our photo backdrop at the Jam Session was well-used and all the evening parties and networking events were packed.

Although there was very little fear voiced at the event, we would be remiss to skip over the COVID-19 concerns at this point. Even at this conference, there were many “elbow bumps” in lieu of handshakes and people kept touching to a minimum. With many conferences and meetings around the world being cancelled or rescheduled, it is conceivable that Quirk’s Brooklyn could potentially be our last in-person show until things begin to shift. There was some talk at the conference about negative business impact stemming from the virus, so this is definitely something we will continue to monitor at Cint. You can visit here for updates in real-time on Cint’s position during the outbreak.

A high energy, insight-packed event to kick off March is just what we all needed. We will see you in Chicago everyone (we hope)!

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