SampleCon 2020: Brand Launch, Networking and Quality Discussions


SampleCon was a special event for us this year, as we launched our new global brand on day one of the conference. Attendees were the first to see our new logo on their conference bags, our website went live and a press release announcing our bold, new look went out around the world. The new brand was well-received and gave us a chance to talk about our goals for the coming year, and our commitment to innovation and the acceleration of technology in the market research space.

Our team was well represented and we were able to organize valuable meetings with our clients, partners and other leaders in the sample industry. Attendees from top market research organizations around the globe convened in Atlanta, and the conference helped to build forward momentum for the year to come.

Important topics were touched on by the speakers, and several will likely continue to be a large part of the industry conversation as a whole. As in past years, sample quality is a key concern, with new methods and approaches coming on board to battle issues such as fraud. This is a key differentiator for Cint, as we continue to explore employing innovative techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help mitigate fraud from increasingly savvy fraudsters. Another topic that was central to the conversation was user experience as many speakers asked “Are we creating experiences and surveys with the respondent in mind?”

We also heard from keynote speaker, Ryan Jenkins about the up-and-coming generation: Gen Z. The topic of lengthy discussion in all industries lately, these youngest adults are a puzzle that market researchers will need to unlock sooner rather than later. By 2025, these 7-22 year olds will make up the majority of the workforce, so we must start to understand them. In addition, this group expects a frictionless experience when doing business, and when participating in research (if you can get them interested at all).

Off the stage, we were thrilled that our bag sponsorship did more than just show off our new logo. The sponsorship was in partnership with Feed, a lifestyle brand that has a multi-pronged approach for giving back. They sell artisan-made products to provide meals to those in need around the world, while also providing sustainable livelihoods for their artisan partners and their families.

Always a valuable experience, SampleCon 2020 didn’t disappoint. See you in 2021!

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